9 of the most photographed places (instaspots) in Pilsen

… or where to go for the BEST Instagram photos.

Are you planning a trip to Pilsen and can’t wait to show off your enticing holiday photos to your friends and family? We have tips for you of places in Pilsen where you can take pictures to rake in one like after another. Just don’t forget to tag us! #visitpilsen #visitplzen

1) The best view from café Terraza

As soon as you feel like making a short stop for a coffee while strolling around Pilsen, you can combine this break with a great photo-op. On the roof of Hotel Central, you’ll find the café Terraza which serves chilled Pilsen beer, lemonades, and light refreshments, and here you can photograph the unique view over Pilsen

2) A garden brunch at Le Frenchie

The café Le Frenchie, with its beloved styling, can also now be found on Republic Square. While sitting on its terrace, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a garden full of flowers, and it’s here you can try some delicious little cakes and colourful breakfast options. This is the ideal place for taking pictures either in the afternoon or evening while the sun is setting.

3) Romance in the Šafaříkovy sady park

Another place where you can take lovely photos is the Šafaříkovy sady park, right next to Mill Race Park. Bring your friends or darling companion here in the summer for a picnic and capture the moment amongst the blooming greenery with the Franciscan Monastery in the background.

4) A family selfie at DinoPark

If you’re planning a trip to the Pilsen Zoo, be sure to add DinoPark to the mix. It’s definitely worth a visit and a cool photo with the whole family. Make your way over to the viewpoint, where the Brachiosaurus curiously peers over Pilsen.

5) The view that never disappoints, the tower of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral

St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral isn’t only one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in the city, it’s also the perfect place for taking pictures. It’s even worth hiking up all 301 steps to get there. Here, the view over Pilsen stretches in every direction. It’s then up to you which parts you decide to photograph.

6) Drinks along the River Bank (Náplavky)

You can take a quality photo with a drink in your hand at the café Šálek & Špunt, situated on the bridge right over the Pilsen River Bank walkway. The River Bank is a photogenic place in of itself, however, your pictures will be even better featuring a gin and tonic and the view of the Radbuza River and the Museum of West Bohemia.

7) The terrace at the Great Theatre

The best place to photograph your traveller’s outfit is definitely the terrace at the Great Theatre with its glass banisters and view of the neighbouring historical buildings. If you want to take your picture to the next level, be sure to bring along a freshly drafted beer from the restaurant Lokál below.

8) Beer with a view at Lékárna

For the most Insta-friendly photos with a beer, head over to the restaurant Lékárna on Republic Square. Order yourself a first-rate draft “šnyt” (a half-litre beer with a rich, creamy foam), drink it down, then order another to take a photo of with St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral as your backdrop.

9) The Adolf Loos interiors

A photo of the marble work in the Adolf Loos interiors is a must-have for every modern architecture enthusiast. You can visit the interiors by taking one of the commentated tours held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Don’t be afraid to ask the local guide for a photo, something they quite enjoy doing at the end of the tour.