DinoPark Pilsen

Get ready for an adventurous journey to prehistoric times full of fun and learning at Pilsen’s DinoPark. The enticing attractions with models of prehistoric creatures that both move and make sound are perfect for young adventurers and their parents. A visit to DinoPark, located next to the Pilsen Zoo, has something for everybody. The several-metre-tall models of various types of dinosaurs allow children to admire extinct animals and also learn about this world that hasn’t existed for millions of years. You’ll also find other attractions here.


Opening hours

April – October
every day 8:00 – 18:00

Admission fee

Single-use ticket:

Adults CZK 190
Children CZK 150 (ages 3 and younger free)
Families CZK 620 – 700 (two or three children)

You can also purchase a combined Zoo-and-DinoPark ticket


Public transport stop

Zoologická zahrada
04 27 41

Search connection

Nad Zoo 1
301 16 Pilsen

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What’s waiting for me at DinoPark?

Children can uncover dinosaur bones in the palaeontology playground. They can also go on children’s attractions and climbing frames. To learn something new you can even visit the Journey to Earth’s Past exposition. Although, Pilsen’s DinoPark is not the only park of its kind in the Czech Republic, you’ll never see anything like what you will here. For instance, you can check out the giant Apatosaurus model, which measures 23 metres long! We also have one of the most well-done models of a Tyrannosaurus Rex you’ll ever see.

Plus, a little something extra

As soon as you and your children have seen all the dinosaurs, you can head over to Pilsen’s city centre to take in the amazing view from “next to a Brachiosaurus”. Back at the park, children can play on plenty of swing sets, monkey bars and attractions, or they can check out the pond and waterfall, which is inhabited by a Mesozoic giant. Thanks to the screenings at the 3D theatre, which are included in your ticket, you can take a look under the surface of wild, Mesozoic waters, where an infinite number of traps and dangers await you. Plus, if DinoPark isn’t enough for one day, you can also visit the neighbouring zoo. Don’t forget to use your convenient combined ticket!

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