Discover the magic of Christmas in Pilsen

As the year comes to an end, the warm atmosphere full of music, festivals, and café and restaurant terraces gives way to the time of winter caps, mulled wine, and holiday greetings. The streets of Pilsen turn into a magical place full of lights and Christmas decorations, and Republic Square transforms into an Advent market with the aroma of punch, cinnamon, and Christmas gingerbread treats filling the air.

Wooden nativity scene in Pilsen.

Christmas market traditions

The Christmas market is open on the main city square from Nov 23rd to Dec. 23rd, where the area around the 14-metre tall, decorated fir tree becomes the centre of everything happening in the city. Come and visit the market to experience nearly forgotten folk traditions and handicrafts. Soak up the atmosphere at the blacksmith’s workshop or the weaving loom and treat yourself or your loved ones to products from the old days, made with love and by honest hands.Apart from the handmade gifts, you’ll also find more than 100 stands here selling Christmas decorations, including mistletoe, an inherent part of Czech Christmas. Here, children joyfully feed the little donkey and sheep in the live Nativity scene, and parents can tap along to the rhythm of live music. And don’t forget to ring the wooden bell to make all your holiday wishes come true!

The largest carved Nativity scene in Pilsen, made up of 72 figurines, can be seen at the Christmas market. You’ll also find other Nativity scenes in Pilsen’s many churches, including the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. There’s also a charming Nativity scene for you to discover at the Church of the Assumption on Františkánská Street as well as another one in the church on Chodské Square. And to enjoy a Nativity scene made of paper, head over to the Kozel Manor House to see their exhibit, open until Jan. 6th.

Sweet-smelling waffles and Christmas beer

On every Advent Sunday, the public space on Riegrova Street transforms into a small gastro-zone that’ll help keep you warm. Starting at two in the afternoon and going until evening, you can enjoy traditional winter beverages in both the local businesses and the Christmas stands right on the street that offer mulled wine, punch, and grog. Hot soups, sweet-smelling waffles, and warm strudel will also be served.

But if your preferred drink is beer, then set off on a wonderful Advent walk to the Purkmistr Brewery in Pilsen’s Černice neighbourhood. It’s here that they’ve prepared Christmas beers as well as homemade camel eggnog.

The craft brewery Raven has also brewed some Christmas beers; their hard-hitting Christmas Gingerbread is sure to brighten your mood.

Riegrova street gastrozone in Pilsen.

Brummel Loos interior in Pilsen.

What else is there to see in Pilsen during the holiday season?

If you decided to take a trip to Pilsen during the winter, we’ve got a few tips for you on places to visit, even during the time of the year typically reserved for peace and contemplation.

Discover the interiors designed by world-renowned architect Adolf Loos in the early 20th century. You can view these “modern for their time” apartments and their timeless design on any of the commentated tours open until Dec. 17th.

The Pilsner Urquell Brewery never sleeps. The bottom-fermented pale lager is brewed for the whole world here without interruptions, meaning you can come and see it for yourself on one of the brewery tours.

And you can take your children to the Zoo or The Techmania Science Centre, or treat them to the Puppet Museum or the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales.