Experience the true Christmas atmosphere in Pilsen

If Pilsen is simply irresistible during the year, whether that may be in spring with its blossoming parks or summer with its atmosphere of festivals and outdoor terrace bars and restaurants, the Christmas season is twice as powerful. With the first Advent Sunday, where the giant Christmas tree is lit on Republic Square, the city turns into a wonder of lights, radiating the festive atmosphere. While enjoying a walk through the historical city centre, you’ll be enchanted by the decorations in the streets and adjacent parks. Where and how can you have the best experience possible?

At the traditional Advent Market

The Advent Market should have opened on November 23rd. However, due to the government restrictions related to Covid-19 pandemic, it was closed. On the first Advent Sunday,  the giant Christmas tree was lit on Republic Square; therefore you can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere there anyway.  Don’t forget to make a wish in front of the small angel on the grating behind and enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel with the spectacular view of the historic city centre.

At the other Nativity scenes

Every year in Pilsen, numerous Nativity scenes sprout up. The largest carved Nativity scene is made up of 72 figures and it encircles the space right around the Christmas tree on Republic Square. However, there are other Nativity scenes to visit in Pilsen’s churches, including St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. You can also view an enchanting Nativity scene in the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on Františkánská Street.

While riding the Christmas tram

Ho-ho-ho. Pilsen has its own specially decorated Christmas tram that regularly ranks amongst the most popular Christmas trams in Europe. Apart from its exterior coating that features Pilsen’s dominant landmarks, the tram is adorned with nearly two thousand lights and Christmas decorations inside as well.

Even if you don’t have a reason to take the tram somewhere, you’re at least going to want to get a picture of it.