Riegrova is alive with music

For years now, Riegrova Street in the city centre has been a pedestrian zone, which has turned it into one of the most pleasant streets in Pilsen. You’ll find restaurants here that offer both Czech and modern cuisines, evening bars, and numerous outdoor terraces that easily tempt passers-by to stop for a relaxing sit-down. To ensure your visit is even more enjoyable, the local restaurant owners have prepared a series of musical performances for you by talented buskers, tasked with making your weekend evenings at dinner or time spent out for a beer with friends just that much better. Music will play in the streets every Friday and Saturday from 18:30-21:30h.

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Riegrova is alive with music.
05.05.2023 - 26.08.2023
Admission free

Where will music be played on Riegrova Street?

Musical performances will be played one after another on two stages on Riegrova Street. On Fridays and Saturdays, buskers will start playing in front of the Plzeňka restaurant. During the first concert, you can order something to eat or enjoy a good beer at the outdoor seating at u Švejka, the bistro Štipec, or sip a drink on Hotel Central’s rooftop terrace. From here, the musicians will move closer to the street sady Pětatřicátníků, in front of the Zlatá Kráva restaurant, where they will perform around establishments such as Le ConsulatPivoňkyCantiny, and Cavína from 20-21:30h.

Which musicians can you look forward to this year?

At the start of May, the talented pair Milan Samko and Sun of Wolves will play for you on their guitar and cajón during the weekends. The musician KRAB will also perform, while Reinis Jaunais will improve your already pleasant evenings at any one of the outdoor seating areas.
In June, the busker Lukáš Schwarz will light up your weekends with his guitar, as will the jazz trio ŠNYTrs, the new Pilsen band Černá víla with Czech and English songs in an acoustic pop-rock style, and the HangOver band. The young and incredibly talented pop-rock singer Hedvika Chochelová will also add to the fantastic atmosphere on Riegrova Street.
Apart from those already mentioned, you can look forward to the blues/jazz acoustic due of Pilsen natives known as Blue Noted in July as well as the alternative folk-rock band Birch Town. Come August, Chris May will bolster this line-up of experienced musicians.

Riegrova is alive with music.