Guide and Group Services

The Pilsen – TOURISM organisation provides guide and delegate services via its Tourist Information Centre. You can choose from our catalogue of guided tours and all-day trips, built around the local guides’ many years of experience and our clients’ wishes. We’re also available to arrange a custom programme for you and your precise requests and needs. We’d even be happy to help you find accommodation. We work together with travel agencies, schools, and interesting clubs, but you can also order our services for a group of friends.


What do we offer?

  • Guide and delegate services
  • Tours of the historical city centre, incl. thematic and Advent tours
  • Guided tours of all tourist destinations
  • All-day trips with a guide and custom programme
  • Accommodation arrangements for groups and individuals

Why should you work with us?

  • We provide professional guides and offer excellent knowledge of the local area.
  • We can adjust the programme to fit your needs.
  • We offer a quality discount for long-term cooperation.
  • We accept payments via cash or invoice.

Contact person

Jaroslava Panušková (email:, tel.: +420 702 267 666)

Basic tour: The Best of Pilsen

A guided tour primarily meant for tourists, who will learn about the past and present of Pilsen, admire its dominant features in the historical city centre, and see other significant buildings and places of interest.

Catalogue of services and prices

Guided interior tours

Guided interior tours with a Pilsen – TOURISM guide. You’ll find the detailed price list and everything on offer in our catalogue Tours for Groups 2024.

  • Guided tour of the Loos Interiors: A tour of the apartment interiors designed by world-famous architect Adolf Loos, including personal stories of the original Jewish owners.
  • Guided tour of the Patton Memorial Pilsen museum with its curators
  • Guided tour of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral in Pilsen – tour of the interior or the attic space and tower: A tour of the fully reconstructed interior, including the Sternberg Chapel and stained-glass windows, or a guided tour of the tower and the cathedral’s attic space, featuring an exposition on the history of the bells and building the cathedral.
  • Guided tour of the Great Synagogue:The tour of the recently reconstructed Great Synagogue documents the story of the structure’s renovations, the history of the local Jewish community, and Jewish customs and traditions. The tour can be expanded with a visit to the Rabbi’s Home, featuring the ritual Mikveh bath, or a visit to one of the towers.

Thematic tours

  • The Liberation of Pilsen:A tour of the historical city centre focused on the locations and events related to the liberation of Pilsen and the region at the end of World War II. Option to visit the Patton Memorial Pilsen museum.
  • Jewish Pilsen:You’ll discover the story of one of the largest synagogues on earth and much more about Pilsen’s Jewish community on this tour, which includes a visit to the Old Synagogue and the apartment interior of the Vogl family home designed by architect Adolf Loos.
  • Advent tour of the city centre: Get to know the history of Christmas, Pilsen’s nativity scenes, and Czech Christmas customs and traditions.

All-day group trips

We also arrange all-day guided trips; prices starting at 235 €/group/day. Admission, food, and transport are not included in the price.