Souvenirs from Pilsen

Beer is the most common gift from Pilsen, which, of course, is no problem at all. However, beer isn’t the only good gift choice. We have made a list of tips that will help you find the perfect present, whether you’re buying for a beer lover or someone else. All you need to do is figure out beforehand what type of gifts your special someone enjoys.

Souvenirs from the soul of Pilsen

The Tourist Information Centre, located next to the Town Hall, offers a wide range of souvenirs – post cards, magnets, mugs, travel journals and visiting cards, as well as books about Pilsen and T-shirts. We currently have a new collection ‘From the Soul of Pilsen’, which incorporates an interesting design of Pilsen symbolism used on gifts such as caps, steel mugs and fabric bags, as well as children’s T-shirts and onesies. You may also choose from our collection of designer dresses and ties with decorum from the Loos Interiors for someone with a more particular style.

Gifts from the Brewery

You will find an extensive gift store, specializing in the sale of souvenirs related to the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Everything you can think of is on offer here, including clothing and various household gadgets. Of course, you can also find specially packaged beer options as well as historical glasses and half-litre mugs, all of which may also be individually engraved. Another tip you might find interesting is the brewery’s option of purchasing vouchers for tours or lessons on tapping beer.

Wooden puppets Spejbl and Hurvínek

Spejbl and Hurvínek were born in Pilsen. After all, a statue of them is located in the orchard under the Hotel Continental. You can even take them home with you after your visit to Pilsen in the form of wooden puppets. They are sold at the Tourist Information Centre. The Puppet Museum on the main city square (náměstí Republiky) also has a large assortment of puppets on offer.

New, designer goods at Tržnice (The Marketplace) in DEPO2015

The Tržnice in the DEPO2015 is the place to go to buy new and designer wears. You will find a number of charming little shops in the creative zone, which stand in what used to be garages for transporting goods. There are designer pieces made by young creatives of various fields from all over the country sold at UMU Shop, for example. The country house offers regional products from the local area. Local fashion at a fair price is sold at the NASEBE boutique.

Exclusive coffee from Orient Coffee

Any coffee lover is sure to appreciate a gift of fresh roasted or ground coffee from the Orient Coffee roasting plant. You can find the plant located right on the main city square (náměstí Republiky). A cosy coffee house may be found inside, and you can take a load off before your purchase to try out a little of what you’re buying.

Beer and beer cosmetics from smaller breweries

Apart from the world-famous Pilsner Urquell brand, a wide array of mini-breweries produce beer of varying styles and flavours in Pilsen. For example, bottled beer from the Raven Bolevec brewery can be purchased at Pivstro – Brewhemian Beer Bistro or Pivotečka. The Purkmistr brewery also offers a large selection of choices. From there, you’ll need to make your way to Černice. It’s here in the courtyard of the brewery that you’ll find, among other things, a restaurant, a hotel and beer spa. Beer cosmetics are also sold under the same brand. From what we’ve heard, it does wonders for your skin.