Traditional Markets

Various markets are held over the course of the year, right in the heart of Pilsen on the city square. Depending on the season, you may gather here for beer, coffee, mulled wine and something good to eat. There are often stands selling original decorations, ceramics and other hand-crafted goods for every time of the year. For Easter, you’ll find painted eggs and Easter whips, and advent wreaths and other decorations at Christmas time. These time-honoured markets also offer examples of Czech tradition and craftsmanship. The open space between the Town Hall and cathedral belongs to Pilsen’s farmers’ market every Saturday from March to December.

Farmers’ market (every Saturday morninng, from March to December)

Pilsen’s farmers’ market is a place where people have been buying and enjoying fresh food, grown and prepared by local farmers and regional manufacturers, for many years. It’s here you’ll be able to experience the true atmosphere of a Saturday morning. You can expect to find high-quality, authentic, local food such as fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, baked goods and much more. You surely won’t go hungry by visiting the farmers’ market for breakfast.

Easter market (April 2023)

You’ll enjoy the true Easter spirit at Pilsen’s beloved Easter market, which also happens to be one of the city’s most beautiful events thanks to its special decorations. You can admire the splendidly decorated painted eggs, woven Easter whips with multicoloured ribbons and a wide assortment of spring flowers on the main square (náměstí Republiky). You’ll witness skilful artisans working right on the spot, and treat your taste buds to some delightful local delicacies, including Easter stuffing, gingerbread and mead.

Wenceslas market (September 2023)

The Wenceslas, or Holy Wenceslas, market will traditionally offer amazing food and drinks at the start of September. You can also look forward to the prime examples of Czech tradition and craftsmanship, where you’re sure to find art made by blacksmiths and woodcarvers. The Holy Wenceslas markets will also exhibit stands with a wide arrangement of handmade products.

Havel´s market (October 2023)

Autumn is ushered into Pilsen by way of the Havel market. Fragrant mulled wine and mead, sweet chimney cakes, delicious cheeses and sausages. As per tradition, you can look forward to seeing examples of handcrafted items made by blacksmiths, woodcarvers, candlemakers and ceramists. Live music will accompany each pleasant afternoon.

Martin’s market (November 2023)

The celebrations of St. Martin are an age-long tradition in Pilsen, and they include the time-honoured St. Martin’s market. You can look forward to stands with home-made goods, appetizing smoked meat products and cheese, chimney cakes and hot cider.

Christmas market (December 2023)

The city square is overtaken by the spirit of Christmas, the scent of mulled wine, old Czech chimney cakes and gingerbread. You can delight in the hand-made wares and draw inspiration for your own Christmas gifts and decorations. Children are sure to enjoy seeing the small donkey and sheep, held in the live Bethlehem scene and the rich accompanying program, full of Christmas carols.