Transportation around Pilsen

Public transportation

You may use trams, trolleybuses and bus lines from the transport company PMDP (Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky) to travel around Pilsen.

Purchasing public transportation tickets

You may pay with a contactless card at any yellow payment terminal in all public transportation vehicles. The 30-minute transfer ticket costs CZK 24, the 1-hour transfer ticket costs CZK 24, the 3-hour transfer ticket costs CZK 50 and the 24-hour transfer ticket costs CZK 84. You may purchase non-transfer tickets for CZK 26 at newsstands and the Information Centre located on the main city square (náměstí Republiky).

SMS tickets

You may also use SMS tickets when travelling via Pilsen public transportation. However, this option is only available with Czech mobile carriers. Your SMS ticket must be valid on your mobile upon entering any public transportation vehicle.

  • Text PMDP35M to 90206 (price: CZK 28) for a 35-minute transfer ticket.
  • Text PMDP24H to 90206 (price: CZK 99) for a 24-hour transfer ticket.

Tourist tickets

If you are planning to stay in Pilsen for multiple days, we recommend purchasing a so-called tourist ticket. You may load up to 17 pre-purchased days on your tourist ticket. The Tourist Information Centre on the main city square (náměstí Republiky 41) is one place where you can purchase this ticket (map). This card may also act as a preloaded wallet. The refundable deposit of the card is CZK 100. You can find more information about tourist tickets at


If you are travelling to Pilsen by car, you may park directly on the main city square for a parking fee. However, you are not allowed to park your car in any of the zones marked with a blue line. You must pay for parking at the parking terminal beforehand from Mondays to Fridays, 7:00 to 19:00. You may pay by either cash or card.

Bike sharing

You may use the bike sharing system from March to November. The system functions on an online basis (or via SMS), meaning there are not any bike sharing stands, payment kiosks or issue counters. You will first need to register and prove your identity before renting a bike. Then you will be able to rent a bike. The price for renting one bike for one day is CZK 40, CZK 130 for one month and 600 CZK for one year. You will find more detailed information by visiting this website:

Bike rentals

You may also rent a bike at the main Czech Railways train station. The bike rental shop is open every day from April to October.