Five reasons to try hotel brunch, even though you’re not staying at the hotel

Eating at a hotel, even though you’re not actually staying the night there, may be considered a little unusual. Nevertheless, the experience is amazing. You can, for example, experiment with hotel brunch. Although, the meal might cost you more than your typical breakfast, anyone who’s ever tried it will tell you it’s more than worth it. And why’s that, you ask?

1) You don’t have to make breakfast or lunch

Weekend brunch is perfect in that you get to kill two birds with one stone. When you wake up in the morning to an empty fridge or you simply don’t feel like cooking that day, here you have the chance to not only take care of breakfast, but lunch as well. Plus, without a doubt you’re going to get to enjoy an entire line up of tasty treats, the kind that aren’t quite so easily made at home.

2) You don’t have to limit your selection

Of course, you can plan to enjoy your breakfast at a nice café or pleasant bistro, but then you’re forced to carefully choose your meal from their menu. At hotel brunch, you can take a little piece of everything (or, rather, a large piece of everything). When was the last time you got to order three different styles of eggs at once in a café?

3) You can eat as much as you want

Salty or sweet? No reason you can’t have both. Simply start with one, then move over to the other. Or you can even try a combination of both, as many times as you’d like. Now order some juice, a coffee, bottle of wine or even some mint tea. That’ll help to settle your stomach, so you can go back for more. The only reservation is your own conscience, but who of us would bother sticking to their diet at a time like this? Attending hotel brunch isn’t an experience you get to have every day, right?

4) No need to rush

That’s the most important thing. Take your time, don’t rush. Ponder life and enjoy the moment. There’s no point in wolfing everything down in less than half an hour and rushing out the door. In fact, you should do the exact opposite. Enjoy your weekend, at least for this moment, there’s nothing you have to do.

5) You can pretend you’re on holiday

What can we say? Holidays always go by too soon. Whether you’re hoping to feel like you’re off travelling somewhere, or you’ve actually just returned and are still stuck in that holiday mood, hotel brunch is your ideal solution. Allow yourself to be pampered by the hotel personnel, discuss the weather and take in the beautiful views. Put down your phone and let the illusion of being on holiday come over you.

Where can I go for hotel brunch in Pilsen?

Regular brunches are provided by the hotel Vienna House Easy (the former Angelo, across the way from the Pilsner Urquell Brewery) and hotel Courtyard by Marriot, located a short distance away from Mill Race park.