The Semler Residence by Adolf Loos is once again open to visitors

If you call yourself an architecture lover, then you most likely know the name of world-renowned architect Adolf Loos. As one of the founders of modern architecture, Adolf achieved fame primarily in Vienna. Nevertheless, in the time between the great wars, he created a collection of apartment interiors in Pilsen that has both survived to this day and been opened to visitors.

By the end of September, the Semler Residence will become the fourth fully renovated interior that can be seen alongside the other two tour routes, including the Kraus and the Vogl Apartments  and Brummel House. A fourth tour route will now lead guests through the not-yet-renovated spaces, which is why it’s only open occasionally.

The Semler Residence attracts visitors not only for its “Raumplan” design

Each of the three (four) tour routes will capture your interest with something different. The newly accessible Semler Residence, which is kept by the Gallery of West Bohemia, is especially unique as the single finished project in Pilsen following Adolf Loos’ “Raumplan”, meaning the concept that the renowned architect used to structure the individual rooms throughout the entire space, instead of by floor.

By embarking on the tour, you can admire not only the interestingly linked space throughout the entire residence, including an expansive salon, but also the carefully renovated private bedrooms and children’s rooms on the upper floor. This part of the home wasn’t accessible before the renovations, meaning visitors can now see it for the very first time.


Tours in foreign languages must be arranged in advance

Tours are regularly held every Friday and Saturday at predetermined times. From April to October, tours are also held on Sundays. Although these tours are held in Czech, high-quality guide texts in English and German have been prepared for foreign visitors.

If you are interested in taking the tour in a foreign language, you must first arrange a so-called “group tour”. For more information, contact our colleagues at Pilsen – TOURISM by sending an email to They would be happy to help.