Kateřina Pěcháčková

“Even though I wasn’t born in Pilsen, I heard the stories as a child that Pilsen is the city of artists, culture, and easy-going people. When I moved here seven years ago, I found myself agreeing with this claim.”

Kateřina’s favourite place in Pilsen is the brewery where you too can meet her on the weekends as your guide on one of the commentated tours, or during the summer at any one of the cultural events. She also enjoys visiting Pilsen’s village memorial reservations, where she goes to escape the busy city, attend a Slavic carnival or pig slaughter, or simply enjoy a pleasant walk. In the summer, she watches the hustle and busy of city life from any of the restaurant terraces and appreciates Pilsen’s less-than-traditional side, including everything from the golden fountains and DEPO2015, to the colourful statues at the Mill Race park.

As part of our marketing team, Kateřina takes care of the German market, monitors the events in Pilsen, and helps to create texts for the website.