Adrenaline Activities

Shivers down your spine, the beating of your heart, goose bumps, fear and suspense. If you’re an adventure lover, then you’ll have no problem spicing up your stay in Pilsen with a few non-traditional, adrenalin-driven experiences. Whether we’re talking bungee jumping, speedy motorcycle riding or hot air balloons, getting your heartbeat going is a given in Pilsen. You can even go for a game of laser tag, paintball or for a number of other one-of-a-kind activities.

Air balloon ride over Pilsen

If you’ve already hiked to the top of every observation tower and view point in the area and are still looking for more, maybe you would be interested in a hot air balloon ride over Pilsen. With a bird’s-eye view you’ll see the brewery, Pilsen’s rivers and the city centre, including the Great Synagogue, the Museum of West Bohemia and the Bory prison. Your hot air balloon ride can be adjusted to fit your needs, and you can even set up the experience to be completely private.

Tandem skydiving

The simplest and fastest way to experience that free-fall feeling is tandem skydiving. You will take off from the Plzeň – Líně airport, and a trained pilot will jump out of the plane with you from the minimum height of 3,000 m. Here you will free fall for approx. 40 seconds before the pilot will open the parachute, safely assisting you on your way back to earth.

Motor carts

Speed lovers are sure to enjoy the motor car track in Pilsen, located in the area under Milénium Bridge. The indoor track has even been adapted for children, and it offers a circuit of twelve turns, in between which you can get up to speeds of 60 km/h. We recommend reserving your motor car experience beforehand.

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is known as a legendary activity, chock-full of adrenalin. It’s sure to freeze the blood right in the veins of even the most adventurous. Just outside of Pilsen, in the village of Losiná, you can try your hands at a 50-metre drop (that’s more than half the distance of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral on Pilsen’s Republic Square), while under the watchful eye of an experience instructor.

Escape rooms

Why not spice up your trip to Pilsen by visiting any one of the city’s various escape rooms? You can choose between several themes, including Chernobyl or Sherlocked.


You can find a paintball course in the former city baths, located right in Pilsen’s city centre. Here you’ll enjoy shooting colourful paint balls while inside a truly unique swimming pool building from the 1920s. There are several game themes you can choose from. You can also try paintballing at the Pilsen-Lhota airport, where you’ll play inside bunkers that were used as plane hangars. If you’d prefer a more outdoors-oriented experience, however, try the 25,000-metre squared playing field in Líně. Paintball must be reserved in advance.

Climbing wall

There are a number of places you can try some adrenalin-filled climbing in Pilsen. The outdoor climbing wall of Kobra Wall is located in Štruncovy Sady Park, and is free for anyone to use. Not too far from Štruncovy Sady Park you’ll find the Rock’n’wall sports bar, where you can go for an indoor climbing session, no matter the weather. The sports arena of TJ Lokomotiva can be found in Pilsen’s Slovany neighbourhood, and it’s here that you can conquer one of the largest indoor climbing walls in the Czech Republic. You can also head to Škoda Park in the Doudlevce neighbourhood for another climbing wall. Here the climbing space totals 250 m2, and admission is free.

Laser tag

Laser game is an action-filled, group-played shooter game with laser weapons that you can play in Pilsen’s Slovany neighbourhood. Your goal is to shoot other players in the vest and collect as many points as you can. You can choose between various accompanying effects, pick teams however you like and even play your own music during the game.

Virtual reality game room

Pilsen’s VR game room provides experiences such as virtual travel on mountains, walks along the sea floor and drawing adventures. You can also play action-packed, sports-related or logic-based games. There’s more than 100 options for you to choose from. The game room must be reserved in advance.

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