Enjoy a Date Night in Pilsen

Even though you might have spent more than enough time together with your better half thanks to the quarantine, a romantic date for two is always something to look forward to. Plan a date to Pilsen and celebrate the fact that your relationship was strong enough to pass this test. Check out our tips on how to enjoy a romantic time for two in Pilsen. What do you say to a soak in a beer bath, drinks on a bench next to the flowing river, or a romantic dinner near the water in the city centre?

Beer spa

Gentlemen, can you imagine a more romantic date than one spent with your partner in a beer bath for two? You can sit back and relax at the Purkmistr Brewery in Pilsen’s Černice neighbourhood, where you will be in control of how much beer ends up in your bath, and how much in your mug. If you get the feeling, however, that your better half wouldn’t quite like the idea of bathing in beer, take a look at our other tips for a more classic wellness experience.

The quiet garden

If you prefer relaxing in nature, then take a walk from the city centre and along the river, where you’ll end up at the Hruška Meditation Garden. This unique oasis is made up of hundreds of treasured coniferous trees, two ponds, and a chapel. The origins of this pleasant garden themselves hide a powerful story. The garden is open from spring to autumn, Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Inspiration for your love nest

You can take inspiration on how to create a cosy, romantic refuge at home from the world-renowned architect, Adolf Loos, while embarking on a guided tour of his residential interiors in Pilsen. In addition, you will have the chance to learn about the intimate stories of the families who lived here during the first republic.

Dinner by the water

Wind your way through the inviting streets in the city centre to the Angus Steak House in the Mill Race park, also known as “Pilsen’s Venice”. This delightful place with its artificial lake, all surrounded by greenery, is part of the city’s belt of gardens. It’s here you’ll be able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere on the terrace near the water and escape the sounds city.

Cinema and drinks on the riverbank

You can head over to the city centre’s new riverbank sitting area, which runs along the Radbuza River, for a romantic evening and maybe even a gin and tonic at the Šálek and Špunt café on the footbridge over the water. This is a great place to admire the romantic city lights and the Neo-Renaissance building of the Museum of West Bohemia.

Romantic accommodations

One of Pilsen’s great advantages is the fact that you can find affordable prices for comfortable accommodations right in the city centre, in either a hotel or smaller guest house. Right across from the Pilsner Urquell Brewery the modern and stylish hotel of Vienna House Easy Pilsen can be found. You can even go for a slightly more retro stay at the Hotel Continental, located directly next to Republic Square. According to us, however, you’ll find a more romantic neighbourhood in Roudná. Only a few steps from the city centre, you’ll find some peace and quiet at any one of the several smaller, family-owned guest houses here.