Busking Fest

Every larger city has its own street artists and you’re sure to find a couple of them in Pilsen. However, if you arrive at the capital of West Bohemian during autumn, you can admire musicians, dancers, actors, and other artists from countries all over the world right in the city’s historical centre. No need to purchase any tickets, simply throw a bit of change into the hat.

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Pilsen Busking Fest
01.09.2022 - 04.09.2022
Admission free

How busking works

Busking isn’t new, it’s existed since the Middle Ages. And here you’ll run into all sorts of things, whether you’re simply following the scheduled programme or a five-member brass band surprises you in one of the little alleyways, playing the intro song from Rocky, or maybe you’ll even happen upon an extravagant actress in a peacock costume. It’s up to each artist to convince you with their performance to stop and watch for a while, where you can then reward them by throwing a bit of change into their hat. This form of “payment” is the only ticket to the festival, as all of the artists in Pilsen will be performing for free.

2022 Programme

You’ll find the detailed programme on the festival’s website before it starts. Due to the number of artists and their typical disposition, changes are often made. That’s why it’s best to head out onto the streets on your own and simply allow the festival to surprise you.