Less than an hour south of Pilsen is the town of Klatovy, which is considered to be the gate to the Bohemian Forest. The best way to see Klatovy is from the top of the Black Tower or by going for a walk around the old city ramparts. You should also visit the Baroque Pharmacy at the White Unicorn or the mysterious catacombs.


Opening hours

Tourist Information Centre

October – March:
Monday – Friday 9:00-17:00

April – September:
Monday – Sunday 9:00 -17:00

Admission fee

Black Tower
Adults CZK 50, children CZK 30, family CZK 110

Baroque Pharmacy
Adults CZK 80, children CZK 50, family CZK 190

Adults CZK 150, children CZK 110, children under 6 free of charge

Public transport stop

No public transportation connections. Klatovy is located approx. 40 km from Pilsen

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Black Tower

Even before you reach the city centre the Klatovy towers and spires are sure to catch your eye. The largest of all is the Black Tower, which was built in the 16th century. It was used to signal incoming danger, whether that be of fires or enemy soldiers. The Black tower gained both its colour and name due to the damaged cause by many fires. Next to the tower you will find the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary and St. Ignatius, which provides a beautiful panorama of the city from either of its two high towers.

Klatovy catacombs

An expansive network of catacombs can be found under the church. They were used to bury brothers and figures of nobility sympathetic to the Jesuit order. A brilliant ventilation system was built to assist in naturally mummifying the deceased. The remaining 38 preserved bodies are cared for here by conservators, and visitors have the opportunity to see them in the original crypt and Jesuit secondary school.

Baroque Pharmacy

Be sure to also make time for a tour of the Baroque Pharmacy at the White Unicorn. Not only will you get to view the pharmacy’s equipment, but also an entire series of interesting, historical, pharmaceutical exhibits. In addition, you will be introduced to a number of interesting, yet sometimes horrifying, facts about how medical procedures used to be performed.

White Tower

Not only is there a Black Tower in Klatovy, there is also White Tower. It was built after a city-wide fire in the 17th century and replaced the much lower, original two-storey bell tower. You can find it located a few steps from the main city square by heading toward the park along the old city ramparts (here is also a pleasant place to sit and relax).

Should you need it, you can find the Klatovy Information Centre also located on the main city square. The Info Centre’s address is Vídeňská 66 (right on the corner of the city square and Vídeňská Street). For more information and tips on what to see in Klatovy, feel free to turn to our colleagues at the Klatovy Information Centre: 376 347 240; 376 347 250; icklatovy@mukt.cz.

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