Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul

The Romanesque Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul belongs among the oldest, intact, church-related buildings of its kind still standing in the Czech Republic. Youll find it atop Hůrka hill, looking over the village of Starý Plzenec this is the same spot where the original Přemyslid-dynasty fort of Stará Plzeň (Old Pilsen) was dismantled.

Opening hours

May – September:
Every first Saturday of the month 13:00–16:00

There is the option to arrange a special group tour for parties of 6 or more by calling 377 183 662.

Admission fee

Every first Saturday of the month (May – September) free of charge.

Admission for group tours at other times:
Adults CZK 60
Children, students and seniors CZK 40
Children ages 6 and younger free of charge


Public transport stop

Starý Plzenec, Malá Strana

Search connection

Starý Plzenec
332 02 Starý Plzenec

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Old Pilsen

Before today’s Pilsen was founded in 1295, the name ‘Pilsen’ belonged to the west Bohemian metropolis of the Přemyslid-dynasty fort atop Hůrka hill. Today we know this fortified settlement as Old Pilsen (Stará Plzeň), and it is considered one of the most significant centres of the Přemyslid family’s authority. The town is located along what was once known as the Regensburg Road, which connected Prague to Bavaria and the then French empire. In its heyday, the keeper of the fortress was the son of Ottokar I of Bohemia, who was later followed by Wenceslas I of Bohemia, and they minted coin money there. Further evidence of the significant nature of this town is provided by a royal charter from 1266 which states that as many as eight churches were located within the area of the fortified settlement.

Tours of the rotunda

The only way to reach the rotunda is by foot. You will need to follow the well-marked, educational path that begins on a street in Old Pilsen called ‘Malostranské náměstí’. The path leads up the hill, along relatively challenging terrain, especially for anyone choosing to go by bike. Nevertheless, the climb is definitely worth it. Not only because of the rotunda, but also for the hill’s breath-taking view of the town below and surrounding area. Tours of the rotunda are only held the first Saturday of each month from May to September. However, there is the option to arrange a tour at a different time for groups of six or more. (+420 377 183 662,
You will have no issue travelling from Pilsen to Old Pilsen by car, train, bus or bike. You can also combine your visit to the rotunda with that of the nearby Radyně Castle ruins.

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