Markéta Antošová

“Even though I was born in Pilsen and have lived my entire life here, I’m still getting to know the area. In other words, I’m still discovering new things all over the city. And that’s what I love about Pilsen. There are so many interesting places here that’ll surprise you. All you need to do is look down a new street, change your usual route, and set off in a different direction. Or simply take a moment to really see what’s around you. Pilsen is great in that it is both a large and small city at the same time. It only takes a little while to walk through the centre, past the historical sites, and through its beautiful parks. You can even walk straight to the Brewery or the zoo. Add a little time to your walk, and you’ll make it from one end of the city all the way to the other. You can walk through places both known and unknown, taking a path that’s either lively or peaceful. Plus, in Pilsen, you’ll find plenty of places along your route that will entice you to pause and enjoy the moment. And where do my feet usually take me in Pilsen? Typically to any concerts, festivals, cultural and sporting events that I can find. I also enjoy walks through nature – around the rivers and ponds, then through the city parks and broad forests. I’m glad there are plenty of opportunities for these kinds of activities both in the city and its surroundings.”

If you stop by our Tourist Information Centre and run into Markéta, you can be sure that even though she likes wandering through Pilsen’s known and unknown places, she’ll always be able to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Favourite places of our colleague Markéta Antošová