Zuzana Koubíková

“I first came to Pilsen to study, however, I enjoyed it here so much I decided to stay. There’s always so much to do in Pilsen. Personally, the most memorable and emotional moments I’ve enjoyed were related to FC Viktoria Pilsen. I experienced their journey to the top and had an unbelievably good time over the last few years watching them perform in competitions all over Europe. I lived through the moments of passion, tension, joy and pride, and if you ask me, pride is the trait that defines Pilsen. Whether it’s the pride of our sports fans, the pride we feel for giving the world the best beer, the fact that the Škoda automobile brand was born in Pilsen or that we were freed by the American army in May of 1945, we are a proud city. Come see for yourself that Pilsen has something to be proud of.”

Managing Director Zuzana was convinced of Pilsen’s magic a long time ago, and since then she has continued to watch over and support the busy tourist industry in Pilsen.

Zuzana Koubíková Pilsen - TOURISM