Visiting Pilsen for a theatre experience

Without a doubt, Pilsen offers foreign visitors plenty of cultural experiences, and a theatrical performance on one of the three stages of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre surely ranks amongst the most extraordinary. The Neo-Renaissance building of the Great Theatre with its elegant interior can be found on the edge of Pilsen’s historical city centre. The modern New Theatre is the only newly erected theatre building in the Czech Republic since of 1989. All of the theatre’s stages put on both modern and traditional, worldwide performances for a wide spectrum of audiences. So, which show will you come to see in Pilsen this winter?

Pilsen ballet

Ballet performances are perfect for visitors from all over the world. The JKT Theatre ballet ensemble is one of the top dance groups in the country, which has seen success both here and abroad. The members of this collective regularly appear amongst the nominees for the most prestigious of art awards.

This winter, allow the JKT Theatre to enthral you with its famous story of a woman whose desire guides her along a bloody path. The tale by Russian author Nikolai Semyonovich Leskov from 1865 later became the base for the theatrical performance Lady Macbeth – 1865. You can watch this dark and shocking story, in which the main character is the anti-hero, on 25 and 26 January.

Another ballet performance that is most definitely worth a visit is the knight’s tale from the famous novel of the same name by Miguel de Cervantes – Don Quijote. The theatre will exhibit this production from 31 January to 3 February, and you can expect to see one of the most beautiful ballet experiences, full of joy and infectious energy.


If there’s one notoriously well-known ballet title in the minds of the general public, then it’s Swan Lake by P. I. Tchaikovsky. This work became the jewel of Neo-Romantic ballet pieces, which you can see for yourself in Pilsen on 15 and 21 February. In March, you can then take the whole family, including the children, to the theatre to see The Nutcracker, which will be playing on 2 and 4 March. You can also find all of the current ballet performances on the theatre’s website.

An unforgettable experience at the opera

Aside from ballets, the JKT Theatre also offers the majority of operatic performances in their original languages. Come on 18 February or 9 March for the opera L’italiana in Algeri, which stands as one of the most-played works by the renowned composer Gioachino Rossini, alongside the famous Barber of Seville. The humour-filled production with its brilliant music plays out in the exotic city of Algiers and is performed in its original Italian.

The small stage in the JKT Theatre offers the perfect show for young audiences. The musical American Idiot, based on the album of the same name by the punk-rock band Green Day, tells the story of three young men as they try to escape from the dull stereotype of life in the suburbs. The musical is performed in its original English. Playing until the end of March, you can choose between six available show dates.


If you’d like to visit Pilsen for a truly unforgettable experience, then come on 23 June to attend the one-of-a-kind opera event under the evening stars – Night of Opera. This production not only offers a first-rate singing cast but also a magnificent stage show. This year, the world-famous opera Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet is currently in the works. You’ll see the story of Don José and his unrequited love for the gypsy Carmen, who provokes him to jealousy by falling in love with the bullfighter Escamillo.

Whether you’re visiting Pilsen for the ballet, opera, or a musical, the largest professional theatre, and also one of the most significant cultural centres in the entire Pilsen Region, will have an experience ready for you that you’ll remember for many years to come