Where to go in Pilsen when the weather’s not quite on your side

When the weather isn’t exactly what you’d like for outdoor activities, that’s the perfect time to visit the cinema, a museum, a gallery, or any one of the interesting architectural gems hidden in Pilsen. Check out our autumn guide, thanks to which you can still enjoy Pilsen, even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

Loos interiors

A number of unique apartment interiors, designed by the world-renowned architect Adolf Loos survived in Pilsen, and, as of 2015, some of these works of art may be toured regularly. Come and see the apartment of the Vogl or Kraus family as well as the Brummel House, where you can admire the timeless architecture, flawless functional design, and hear charming stories about the buildings’ original owners.

Techmania Science Center and 3D Planetarium

A visit to the Techmania Science Center, located in the former Škoda Works, guarantees an all-day program perfect for both large and small visitors. Here you can try out dozens of interactive exhibits and displays. Checking out the Planetarium is also worth it, here you can witness one of the sharpest 3D resolution performances in the world. The show will take you to over 140,000 stars, across an accurate model of our galaxy, and past dozens of nebulae and the very structure of the universe.

  • Our tip: Did you know that the sculpture “Entropy”, created by the well-known Czech sculptor David Černý, is showcased in Pilsen’s Techmania?

Pilsner Urquell Brewery

If you have yet to embark on a tour of The Pilsner Urquell Brewery, we would definitely recommend doing so, especially if you took the tour once, but haven’t seen the brewery’s newly upgraded tour since. It’s here you can familiarize yourself with the story of a beer that is celebrated all over the world, as well as check out every nook of the brewery that wrote this story 178 years ago. Did you know that the brewery’s historical cellars are unique all over the world as a place where you can try both unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner beer?

Beseda Cinema

This cinema, situated in a breath-taking Neo-Renaissance building right in the middle of the city, presents an ideal place for anyone who enjoys arthouse cinemas and quality films with their original language and subtitles. The fully digitized cinema hall is quickly becoming a venue not only for film festivals and classic screenings, but it also offers a Tuesday Film Club for more demanding spectators, live theatre broadcasts, opera performances, and films for children. In addition, you can stop by the newly reconstructed Café Beseda, which will take you back to the years of the first republic with its coffee and desserts.

Old Synagogue

Surely you’ve already heard of the Great Synagogue in Pilsen, which just so happens to be the third largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the entire world. As it is currently undergoing reconstruction, we would advise you to also visit the Old Synagogue, which is slightly hidden away inside the courtyard between Smetanovy sady and America Street. Once you arrive, you can discover a truly wonderful, precisely reconstructed interior as well as an exposition dedicated to Jewish traditions and customs, or you can visit one of the often held cultural activities.

The Brewery Museum and Pilsen’s Historical Underground

In the original brewing home, located a short distance from the central Republic Square, you can embark on two tour routes. The first will take you down between 9 and 12 metres and show you the Mediaeval labyrinth of passageways in Pilsen’s Historical Underground, which was built under the city in the 14th century. The second tour will take you through the Brewery Museum, where you can learn the story of beer production all the way from its conception to the present day. Plus, you will get to check out the building, which used to be a brewing home from the 15th century.

Puppet Museum

Pilsen is one of the cradles of Czech puppet theatre as well as the birthplace of Spejbl and Hurvínek. Come visit the Puppet Museum, where you can familiarize yourself with the history of Czech puppet theatre and view a wide array of hand puppets, marionettes, and other puppets you can play with or even use to create your own theatre performance.

Patton Memorial Pilsen

The new exposition in the Patton Memorial Pilsen maps the path of the Allied forces from their landing in Normandy all the way to Pilsen. The exposition was first opened in June on the 75th anniversary of D Day, which even caught the attention of the American Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo. Here you can also view a range of artefacts taken directly from the battlefields, personal items from soldiers, and gifts from American veterans and their families.

Museum of West Bohemia

The gorgeous building of the Museum of West Bohemia promises all who enter an unforgettable experience. Once inside, you can choose between four permanent expositions. Where else can you view the oldest historical armoury in the Czech Republic, the archaeology and history expositions, as well as one of the most significant collections of the applied arts in our country?

  • Our tip: We would definitely recommend visiting the exposition of applied arts/arts and crafts, located in their original showcases in the newly reconstructed third floor, which was opened in 2017 after a long 33-year closure.

Gallery of West Bohemia

The collection of the Gallery of West Bohemia, which, among other things, contains quality works of art from the 19th century, is displayed in two exposition halls. The first being the Masné krámy Exhibition Hall, which can be found in the building’s original, medieval meat market, whereas “The 13” Exhibition Hall is located in a nearby Gothic and Renaissance-style home. Also, all throughout the year you may visit either building to check out various thematic exhibits.