A Pilsen guide for café lovers

Are you planning a trip to Pilsen, but are worried about finding a place with great espresso, or a place where you can sit and relax with a book while nursing a flat white? If so, then read on! Pilsen is the city of beer, we’re not denying that. Rather, we’re quite proud of that fact! However, long gone are the days of not being able to find good espresso in town, which is why we’ve prepared a few coffee-related tips for your visit.

Pappa Coffee on the wheels in Pilsen

Schovaná kavárna (Hidden Café)

You’ll find this hidden café tucked away in an atmospheric courtyard on Pilsen’s Zbrojnická Street. If you can’t quite find it, just remember it’s located right below the tower of the Church of the Assumption. Aside from the fantastic coffee and cake options, you can also indulge in a refreshing Aperol Spritz while sitting out in the courtyard during the summer months.

More than coffee at Café Regner

When you walk into Café Regner, you’re immediately greeted by comfortable armchairs, books, paintings and an ideal atmosphere, which make for a true café experience. We recommend cracking open a book and simply enjoying the ambience. The only thing that might break up your relaxation is their evening programme, where the local DJ has no problem turning the café into a lively party.

Brunch and little cakes at Walter’s

Ever since the Walter café opened, it’s had a hard time closing its doors. For this reason, be sure to make a reservation when coming here for a delicious weekend brunch. You can also visit during the day for great drinks and snacks. The doughnuts filled with salted caramel are a favourite here. Plus, they have fantastic coffee, but that almost goes without saying.

In Walter there is always a nice atmosphere by a cup of coffee or glass of gin tonic

 Šálek & Špunt cafés

Both Šálek & Špunt cafés – U Branky (The Cup and Cork) and Na Náplavce – are worth your time. The Cup and Cork located on the bridge over the Radbuza River and across from the Museum of West Bohemia is a great place to start your walk along the water. As for the café’s second branch “U Branky”, you can stop by here while wandering Pilsen’s city centre. Be sure to check out any one of the outdoor expositions on your way and walk down B. Smetany Street, which, according to experts, is one of the most Insta-friendly streets in the city!

To Mitty Espresso Bakery Shop for espresso and cake

The popular café Walter opened shop just a few doors down from Mitty’s in the Smetanovy sady park. Mitty’s is an espresso bar that specialises in sweet pastries and hand-made bread. Here you can taste and buy other homemade goods such as salted butter, kimchi, sandwiches, and delicious Freshe meals We recommend the passion fruit cakes and the cinnamon rolls with raspberries and peanut butter. Don’t shy away from taking pictures of the wonderfully served coffee and baked goods; everyone knows that this café is extra Insta-friendly.

Our tip

Before you decide which café you should visit, check out @plzenskekavarny, where, apart from enticing photos from the above-mentioned establishments, you can find other tips of where to go for great coffee and similar treats in Pilsen.

Break time at Pappa Coffee

The Pappa Coffee café is neighbour to The Brewery Museum and Pilsen’s Historical Underground, making it the ideal place to stop by before going on your tour. Zdeněk and Adam, the father-and-son, coffee-crazy owners of this classic café, also run a coffee cart that can be seen at various events all over town. At Pappa Coffee they not only roast their own coffee, but even add in their own special mixes.

Tandem coffee experience with Le Frenchie and the Fresh Bar

Last but not least – two closely-related cafés in the centre of Pilsen. You’ll be looking to visit the Le Frenchie café during the summer because of their fully equipped outdoor dining, which makes for the ideal place to enjoy your coffee or meal. Then, you can make your way over to The Fresh Bar, located right on Pilsen’s Republic Square, where they have not only coffee-based specialties, but also smoothies, fresh juices and other heathy food options.

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee in Fresh bar at the main square of PIlsen

Coffee with the most beautiful view: café Terraza

This view will take your breath away. From the Terraza café on the roof of Hotel Central on Republic Square, you can take in the scenes of the tower of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral from close up as well as the beauty of the city centre. We also recommend Terraza for romantic get-togethers on long summer nights.

  • Facebook Terraza Plzeň (náměstí Republiky 33, Pilsen – enter via the Hotel Central reception area, located on Riegrova Street – map)

The Orient Coffee roasting plant and café

We promised you that the days of not being able to find good espresso in Pilsen are long gone. Orient Coffee is one of the first businesses to start showing Pilsen locals the ways of properly prepared coffee. This coffee is roasted right here and you can buy it at the little shop on Republic Square or taste it in the café in the inner courtyard. On behalf of all the coffee gourmets, we thank Goran, the owner of Orient Coffee, for launching this “coffee enlightenment” and continuing his work to this day.

A cup of coffee at the theatre with Coffee Park

The impressive view of Pilsen’s Great Theatre can be enjoyed from the cosy Coffe Park café. This café is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a peaceful place to sit before the start of tonight’s theatrical performance. Here you can gather your strength with the light sandwiches, little cakes, and, of course, amazing coffee that they serve in several different ways.


Taste delisious pastries at the Mitty espresso bakery