Cake Shops

Sweeten your every day at one of Pilsen’s cake or ice cream shops.

It’s been said that there’s more to life than only beer, and the same goes for here in Pilsen. Who could say no to stopping by for some ice cream to cool off in the summer or to ordering a slice of cake to brighten your mood? You’ll find just what you’re looking for in any one of Pilsen’s cake and ice cream shops.


True connoisseurs go to Kolombína for the ice cream. Where else could you get your hands on flavours such as Japanese lime or sea buckthorn, or even ice cream for diabetics? And, of course, there’s also ice lollies to choose from. Kolombína is only open from Spring to Fall, you can find any current information regarding their opening hours on their Facebook page.

Campione Gelato

You can stop by while on Americká Street at Campione Gelato for some delicious ice cream flavours and ice lollies. Here you can choose between many different types of ice cream and sorbets. They even have vegan ice cream, which is actually quite tasty.

Café Vídeň

No coffee or hot chocolate lover is able to walk by and not notice Café Vídeň. Choose between their traditional, hand-made cakes and pastries, filled with chocolate, whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Pilsen cafés won’t leave you wanting more

If we were to recommend only one dessert for you to try while in Pilsen, we would suggest the vanilla cream puffs at Pappa Coffee. However, you’ll also find plenty of other delicious treats at Pilsen’s other cafés.  Check out our tips in our café guide.

Trip suggestion: Ice cream in Dobřany

The village of Dobřany is a popular destination for summer trips out of Pilsen, and families with children primarily come here for the ice cream. You’ll find the ice cream shop in question, Zmrzlina “U hřiště” Dobřany, located approx. 15 km by bike from Pilsen, and don’t be surprised if you see large lines of people already waiting out front. A few of the flavours you can expect to find here include passion fruit, cucumber and buttermilk.