Pilsner Fest

Traditionally, Pilsen’s first weekend in October is a celebration of its world-renowned beer. Once again, the Pilsner Urquell Brewery will come alive this year with live music, good food, and a multi-genre cultural programme. What can you look forward to aside from the concerts? For starters, the incredible beer, which the best Czech barmen will draft for you. There’s also the draft beer workshop, special brewery tours, contests, and stands uncovering interesting facts from the brewery’s past and present. Apart from the big stage featuring well-known stars, there will also be a smaller stage where talented buskers and newer, just-starting-out bands will perform. A musical by the J.K. Tyl Theatre will also come as a great surprise. And, as with every year at 18:42, the celebratory toast will take place. Why at this specific time? Because the first batch of Pilsner Urquell beer was made in the year 1842.

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Pilsner Fest

What will the 181st birthday of Pilsner Urquell beer be like?

Once again, this year’s programme offers a diverse array of concerts by both Czech and foreign bands. On Friday at 16h, the pop-punk band Vypasná fiXa will kick off the festival. Then you can listen to the famous hits by Queen at 18h performed by Queens of Bohemia. At 20h, you’ll hear modern rock covers by the hard-core group Hookers and Covers, followed by the Slovak band Polemic at 22h – but that’s not all. You can also look forward to progressive electronic rap music on Friday at 23h by Nobody Listen.

And the Saturday programme is even more jam-packed. Starting at 13:30, the pop/R&B singer Sofian Medjmedj will take the stage. AT 15:30, you can look forward to the musical Green Day’s American Idiot performed by the J.K. Tyl Theatre. Jednotka Akademického Rapu, also known as the J.A.R. group, will play at 17:30 before the evening performances start at 20h by the well-known band Tata Bojs. And finally, you can dance, sing your heart out, and fully enjoy the end of the entire festival with the band MIG21.

Practical information

Payments can only be made using NFCtron. This is a festival bracelet with a microchip that you’ll receive at the entrance and either add credit to or download the mobile app NFCtron in advance. This year, you will need to pay to enter the festival. You may purchase a full-access festival ticket for 240 CZK here, or pay 270 CZK at the door.

Pilsner Fest at Pilsen.