Pilsner Majáles

Pilsner Majáles is the beloved, student May-time celebration of spring, which this year will take place on the Flat Track, near the university campus on Bory. The largest West Bohemian festival and its many years of tradition will once again offer many concerts of Czech and Slovak bands and a rich accompanying student days programme both on campus and in university clubs. And, of course, you don’t even have to be a student to participate and get in on all the fun.

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Plzeňský majáles
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The Majáles tradition

Majáles is the students’ celebration of the arrival of Spring, which traces its traditions all the way back to the Middle Ages. The students prepare the Majáles parade, build allegorical vehicles, put on costumes, and head to the celebration grounds, where the open-air festival is held, full of popular bands and musicians. To cap it all off, they choose their king who is meant to act as support for all of the students for the whole year.

Majáles 2024 programme

Apart from the concerts with famous bands the programme will include the popular Majáles 24-hour weddings, the choosing of the Majáles king, his procession, and plenty of other crazy competitions.

Plzeňský majáles