Arboretum Sofronka

More than sixty various species of pine trees from around the world grow in the Sofronka Arboretum, located north of Pilsen, near the Bolevec Ponds. Among other things, it serves as a background for teaching forest pedagogy. There is also a petting zoo with fallow deer here.

Opening hours

April October

Closed on the weekends and bank holidays.

Admission fee

Free of charge

A guided tour is held every first Monday of the month from 14:00 to 15:30. However, it is in Czech language only.

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Plaská 877
323 00 Pilsen

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A unique collection of pine trees

Originally, the Sofronka Arboretum was created as a research facility. Its goal was to breed pine trees. The Sofronka’s founder, Karl Kaňák, had more than 60 diverse species of pine trees from around the whole world planted here. The result was this isolated collection, which visitors now come to admire today.

Trees, fallow deer, bees…

As of recent years, the Sofronka Arboretum has become a place where schools and interested groups from all over the region come to focus on learning forest pedagogy. Children can observe fallow deer in their forest pen from two observation decks. Smaller visitors can also enjoy the tree-like playground. Individual stations help to familiarize children with the wood’s unique properties. For instance, young ones can easily learn why wood is used when making musical instruments via the various playground attractions. In addition, you can discover an educational walkway dedicated to bees and beekeeping. The nearby ponds may also be used for expositions on fish.

How can I get to the Sofronka Arboretum?

You will find the Sofronka Arboretum on Pilsen’s northern border, located between the Large Bolevec Pond and the Kamenný Pond. The only way to get here is to head out on foot from the railway stop Plzeň-Bolevec, across the gardener’s colony.

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