Tips on spring trips: Get out of the city

Slowly but surely, the days are getting longer, temperatures are remaining above zero (more or less), and we can see the sun in the sky a lot more than in January. After a cold winter, it’s no surprise we want to put this to good use and set off on a trip. Not sure where to go? We’ll help. We’ve prepared a few tips for you on interesting trips around Pilsen that the whole family can go on. Ruins, viewpoints, a mini zoo, and other interesting places you’ll enjoy.

Ruins nearby Pilsen

Around Pilsen, you’ll quickly find more than a few dozen castle ruins. Some are quite well-preserved, others not so much, but almost all of them are worth a visit. Radyně Castle is surely one of the most well-known and frequently visited. But if you’d like to take a look inside, then you’ll have to wait until the visitor’s season opens in April.

However, in March, you can still visit loads of freely accessible ruins located nearby that make for a great destination for any trip. For instance, you can visit the ruins of the Gothic Gutštejn Castle, located about 40 km from Pilsen and close to the spa town Konstantinovy Lázně. You’ll recognise it from the fairy-tale film Goblins and Good Luck 2, where it belonged to King Brambas.

Another interesting ruin is Buben Castle (see map), which can be found about 20 km from Pilsen near the Hracholusky Dam. You can get to the ruin by taking the approx. 1.2 km walk over light terrain and along the Úlický potok (stream) from the car park or the Plešnice railway station. Once here, you’ll get to see the extensive courtyard and the remains of the castle palace. You can find other tips on the Pilsen for Children website.

Fun with animals

Generally speaking, trips involving animals are every kid’s favourite. If you’ve already seen every last bit of Pilsen ZOO and know all of the animals by heart, then there are still other places for you to visit. Nearby the town of Ledce, approx. 4 km from Pilsen, you’ll discover Farmapark u Toma. This is a petting zoo with 14 pens, most of which you can actually go inside. And they regularly hold weekend events here both for children and adults.

For a smaller, private zoo, you can visit the town of Plasy, located about 24 km from Pilsen. Here you’ll find monkeys, lemurs, mischievous meerkats, a colourful collection of parrots, an owl, and other birds. This local zoo also includes mini golf.

You can then visit lamas, the donkey Amálka, Cameroon sheep, deer, horses, and ducks at Dvůr Krasíkov, which lies about 45 km from Pilsen. Aside from the animals, you’ll also discover a small bistro here as well as the shop Amálčin krámek, where you can buy handmade soap, various types of homemade syrups, lavender cookies, and local goat and cow cheeses. You can even visit the Švamberk Castle ruins, which are within walking distance (see map).

Panoramic views

You’ll find all of Pilsen’s viewpoints by reading one of our oldest articles. But, of course, we’ve still got a few awesome tips up our sleeve on viewpoints around Pilsen that’ll take your breath away. When taking a trip to Kozel Manor House or the Lopata Castle ruins (see map), don’t miss out on the view from the nearby Mariina skála (see map), which is located in the Kornatický potok nature park. On top of the rocks, you’ll find a staircase leading to a gazebo which offers a lovely view to the northwest.

Havlova skála (see map) is another peak with a phenomenal view, and it’s located on the meander of the Berounka River and nearby the town of Liblín. Also, not far from here, you can uncover the Libštejn Castle ruins, which are part of the Upper Berounka National Forest, one of the most well-preserved river valleys in Bohemia.

And the final tip on a great viewpoint is from the newly-built Chalupská Štěpánka viewing tower, located nearby the town of Zemětice and approx. 30 km from Pilsen (between the towns of Stod and Přeštice). Here you’ll find a children’s playground open all year round and regularly-held cultural events, the closest being the Welcoming of Spring on Friday, 17 March.

Intriguing history

Not only on Tuesday but also every other day in the week, you can visit the small village of Úterý (Tuesday), located to the northwest of Pilsen, near the spa town Konstantinovy Lázně. In this Town Monument Reservation, you’ll discover the Renaissance-style Town Hall and timber houses built on the cobble-stoned main square. Then, a short way off, the Baroque Church of St. John the Baptist stands with its uncommon oval ground plan. Úterý’s charming nature has enticed multiple filmmakers; for instance, you can see the town in the TV series The Land Gone Wild.

By visiting the Museum of Techniques and Crafts in Koloveč (see map), you can take a trip back in time. With a space of over 1000 m2, here you’ll find more than 7000 exhibits representing every traditional handicraft and trade that were once part of everyday life in the village. The museum is open every day from 10-17h, and it’s located about 40 km southwest of Pilsen (see map). And the last trip of historical exploration can be made in the town of Zruč-Senec, which is home to Airpark Zruč. This small, private technical museum features dozens of planes, helicopters, and military vehicles, including tanks.

If you’d be interested in other tips on walks and trips, you can find them on the Pilsen for Children website.