Where to go with kids in Pilsen even though it’s freezing outside

With winter pretty much at our doorstep, are you wondering where you can go with your little ones in this unpleasant late-autumn weather? Get the whole family to pack their bags and set off for Pilsen! Aside from the traditional Christmas market, you can look forward to the many other tourist attractions. First, let us guide you to the experimental Techmania Science Centre and then to the Puppet Museum. And to finish things off, you’ll find the mythical figures of the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales laying in wait for you as well as those of the interactive BLIK BLIK exposition, “The Mysterious Forest”.

Techmania Science Centre

For you, Pilsen’s Techmania Science Centre makes for a great choice when the weather’s bad. Here you’ll find an experimental station hidden inside the historical factory halls and in the middle of the Škoda Works industrial areal, which guarantees a good time for the whole family. You can get excited about the science show, brainteasers, hundreds of interactive exponents, and even the exclusive 3D Planetarium. If you love experiments, then you’ll love this place. However, as soon as you grow tired of running trials and solving brainteasers, you can enjoy one of the interesting films in the 3D Planetarium, where you’ll be able to charge your batteries back to full.

Puppet Museum

Pilsen is known as one of the cradles of traditional Czech puppetry, which was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the Puppet Museum, you can look forward to expositions introducing the history of puppeteering in Pilsen from its very beginning to today. Since they’re known as legends not only in Pilsen but all over the world, the famous puppets Spejbl and Hurvínek will be there too. Remember to take a picture with them to commemorate your trip to Pilsen. You’ll find their life-sized statue on Republic Square in the courtyard between the museum and cathedral.

Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales

You can visit the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales for its exposition of monsters and story-book creatures that come from Pilsen itself or its surrounding region. In these rooms, you’ll peer into the world of fairy tales and magic lost to time with a smile on your face. You can also get excited to see the mythical prince Radouš as well as water sprites, witches, fire dogs, dragons, and other beasts of legend. Even those who enjoy little frights and aren’t afraid to traverse down the pathway of fantasy will find what they’re looking for here.

Pilsen’s Historical Underground

There’s no doubt that Pilsen is a place of magic. But as soon as you start to feel like you’ve seen everything our charming town has to offer, then we’ll give you this final tip of a place to visit during poor weather. From your life on the surface, venture down into the underground, where a maze of corridors, cellars, and wells are hidden below, whose history dates back to the 13th century. On your tour, you’ll not only learn about the underground’s history but also take a look into the lives of Pilsen’s Medieval inhabitants. The tour route is open to visitors every day apart from the month of January when the historical underground is closed to the public alongside the Brewery Museum.