BLIK BLIK Festival Guide

One of the largest festivals of light and visual arts in the Czech Republic will once again return to Pilsen. This year the festivities start on March 22-23 from 19h until midnight. Artists from the worlds of laser mapping, video mapping, giant static projections, and interactive light displays will demonstrate their custom artwork in 16 different locations. And this year, you can expect the most expansive festival yet, including a rich accompanying programme  On other days, you can also visit the unique Light Scapes exhibit or the “echoes” of the festival at the Kaolin Mine in Nevřeň.

Festival route and a night stroll through the city centre

The festival route leaves the Mže River embankment at na Roudné Street, heading towards DEPO2015, but you can also walk the path in the opposite direction. Next is the festival zone at OC Olympia, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary by hosting three installations, including video mapping. A shuttle will take visitors to this zone.

Given the festival’s chosen theme, the route largely goes along Pilsen’s Mže and Radbuza Rivers, and the very city centre itself will transform with the water’s illuminated surface. You’ll find two installations at and near the Na náplavce embankment along the Mže River, and then another five expositions in the city centre, including exhibits by Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida at the Pilsen Diocese’s Museum of Ecclesiastical Art on Františkánská Street

At U Branky, you’ll find installations created by students of the School of Video Mapping educational programme, who will display their art on the façade of the Education and Research Library of the Pilsen Region. Laser projection specialist, Richard Mach, has prepared the Symfonie24 light and laser show to commemorate the Year of Czech Music festival.

 This installation is one of two at DEPO2015 that require a ticket purchased in advance. The second is the interactive wall Exposure_03 by Austrian artist David Reumüller, where you’ll become a particle in a new galaxy that you can delve into and fully explore. On the other river bank along the Radbuza, val U Ježíška is certainly worth visiting, where you’ll discover the perched Sun and Moon.

  • You’ll find a detailed map of the festival route HERE.

The exhibit in the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art is open until April 21

An installation you surely won’t want to miss is Light Scapes by world-renowned Japanese artist Yasuhiro Chida. You can visit the installation at the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art both during the festival and after it’s over until April 21 at Františkánská 11.

This artwork by the Japanese artist examines themes like space and the void, silence and sound, light and darkness, peace and commotion. The piece enchants both demanding professionals from the world of visual arts and those who enjoy letting go and being swept away by the power of contemporary art. The minimalistic light installation leaves a strong impression on guests and helps to distinguish its surrounding historic rooms and valuable museum exhibits.

This year’s festival offers something more

Completely new this year are the “echoes” of the festival, which will be held on April 6-7 in the extraordinary environment of the kaolin mine Centrum Caolinum Nevřeň. The village of Nevřeň with its 300 inhabitants will likely become the smallest town in the world to host a light festival. Here, the festival’s set pieces will be the unique undergrown areas of the kaolin mine, meaning the festival can be held for the first time during the day. You can look forward to seven art installations along the 700-metre-long route. You’ll find the detailed programm


  • Exterior installations: FREE
  • Installations at DEPO2015 (Symfonie24 & Exposure_03): 150 CZK (adults, 15+ y.o.), 50 CZK (children 5+ y.o.), free for children under 5 y.o
  • Installations at DEPO2015 + Light Scapes: 250 CZK (adults, 15+ y.o.), 100 CZK (children 5+ y.o.), free for children under 5 y.o.
  • Centrum Caolinum Nevřeň: 300 CZK (adults, 15+ y.o.), 200 CZK (children 5+ y.o.)
  • Tickets can be purchased at GoOut. Other information and news are available on the festival website.