Pilsen is an Ideal Destination for Children

If you’re looking to go on a family holiday and your plans must include fun and excitement, Pilsen is the perfect choice. It offers plenty of experiences comfortably accessible in one place. Plus, if after a few days, you start feeling like Pilsen is a little small, you can set out on interesting day trips into the city’s surrounding area. Where can you go with your small and still-growing young ones?

DinoPark and ZOO

The Pilsen ZOO regularly ranks amongst the ten most visited tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. It’s located nearby the city centre, access is barrier-free, and parking can easily be found here. The biggest stars out of Pilsen Zoo’s wide assortment include giraffes, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears, penguins, as well as common farm animals. After 46 years of plains zebras, they have since been replaced with Chapman’s zebras, and after nearly twenty years, yaks have arrived at the zoo and skunks have also made their return. However, be aware that dogs and other pets are not allowed on the zoo grounds.

Right next to the ZOO, you’ll also find everyone’s favourite DinoPark. The enticing attractions and models of prehistoric creatures that both move and make noise as well as the 3D theatre are primarily suited for young adventurers, ages 5-12, however, even younger children can have a fun here.


Techmania Science Center

Hundreds of interactive expositions, the 3D Planetarium, and, most importantly, the all-day fun for the whole family, regardless of age – All this and more at the Techmania Science Center. You’ll find it located in the former factory halls of the Pilsen Škoda Works. In the thematic expositions, you’ll discover how engineers make our lives better as well as everything that hides below the surface of the water.

There are plenty of activities you can try out for yourself here. And if philosophizing and examining start to lose their lustre, you can entertain yourself and take a load off at the 3D Planetarium, with its wide assortment of various films. The newest exposition entices visitors to learn about a simulated life on Mars. That’s not something you get to try out just anywhere.


The industrial cultural centre DEPO2015 is bringing to life a children’s entertainment programme for the entire summer. Every day you can set off on a barrier-free tracking game that will take you around the area with various games, check-points, and riddles. The game may be played in both German and English.

DEPO2015, you can also bring your kids to visit the interactive light exposition, The Mysterious Forest, which will guide you through a fairyland forest, full of secrets, magic, imagination, light games, and special effects. After a day of fun, you can then reward yourself with a coffee, lemonade, or something sweet from the local café.

Puppet Museum

The Puppet Museum introduces the world of puppets, hand puppets, and marionettes from multiple angles. There’s more to see here than just hundreds of puppets. The exposition also holds intriguing information about the history of Pilsen’s puppet theatre. And it’s safe to say that that history is quite colourful, especially when you consider the beloved characters Spejbl and Hurvínek were born in Pilsen.

Other attractions

You’re sure to also have a great time at the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales, Pilsen’s Historical Underground, and the Air Park in Zruč, i.e. a small, private technical museum, located just outside of Pilsen. Don’t forget to also visit Pilsen’s cathedral tower that offers a wonderful view of the entire area. And what about places to see outside of the city? Take your pick from our day trip overview at the Pilsen for Children website.