The most photographable places around Pilsen

Where can you go around Pilsen to take the best pictures? If you’ve run out of inspiration for nice photos, then we’ve got plenty of recommendations for you of places around Pilsen that are easily accessible by car, bike, and even on foot. For some, you may need to go a bit farther, but they’re most definitely worth it. If you end up using any of our tips, don’t forget to tag us by adding #visitplzen.

1. Observation mound at Šlovický vrch

At the very top of Šlovický vrch, you’ll find an 8-metre-tall observation mound. The mound is made of truncated pyramid stones and includes a set of stairs that lead to two terraces. The lower terrace will take you around the entire structure, while the higher one offers a panoramic view of the south-west Pilsen Region. The mound itself is a bit reminiscent of a Mayan pyramid. Šlovický vrch lies within the once tank training area of the former Dobřany tank crew. Today, the area is a nature reserve with wild horses often visible from the top of the mound.

2. Buddhist stupa in Těnovice

North of the village of Těnovice and not far from Spálené Poříčí stands the very first Buddhist structure in the Czech Republic. The lit stupa is a symbol of peace and tranquillity and is full of Buddhist relics. The structure is seven metres high and made of granite blocks. Its shape is meant to represent a sitting Buddha, and another small Buddha statue is located under the little golden tower, who watches over the valley and the opposite hills of the Brdská vrchovina. This spot is worth visiting not only because of the interesting monument but also for the wonderful view of the southern Brdy highlands.

3. Vlčtejn castle ruins

Vlčtejn Castle can be found on the distinct lydite rocks between the villages Nezvěstice, Nebílovy, and Blovice. These are the ruins of a small Gothic castle typical of the days during King Charles IV’s reign. Today, the oblong palace survives, as does part of the perimeter walls and the complex system of ditches and ramparts. The ruins aren’t visible through the surrounding trees, even though it stands at the very top of the hill in the nearby village of the same name.

4. Knižská skála near Řenče

Knižská skála lies about a kilometre and a half from the centre of Řenče village between the towns of Přeštice and Blovice. According to psychics, positive energy literally springs forth from the ground here. Whether you believe in esotericism or not, the location is most certainly worth a visit. Aside from the beautiful nature, you’ll also find an early Medieval Ages village built here by filmmaker Leoš Kastner and his friends. Originally, the village was only meant to be using during shooting of the film Zbojník, however, the locals liked it so much, they decided to preserve it to this day.

5. Ruins of the Kamýk summer palace

Looming above the town of Osek, located nearby Rokycany, you can spot some ruins from far off, standing on the rocky hilltop. This is the Kamýk summer palace, which was founded by Jan Šternberk in 1750. Today, only two of the perimeter walls remain, yet the spot is still quite photogenic, given it lies on a nice, freely-accessible, and well-kept park. Below the ruins, you’ll also find a small Jewish cemetery, which adds a mysterious atmosphere to your trip.

6. Libštejn castle ruins

A lonely castle dominates the quiet valley south of Liblín with its massive high tower. This is the Gothic castle ruins of Libštejn, originally called Liebenstein. The ruins stand on a craggy peak, which falls starkly into the Berounka River valley to the west, while the north and south are capped by steep ravines created by two streams.

7. Buben castle ruins

You’ll find the castle ruins from the first half of the 14th century on the promontory above the Mže River and nearby the town of Plešnice. Legend states that it was named Buben Castle (Drum Castle) because its founder didn’t welcome guests with fanfare but with the sound of drums. Today, the castle ruins are surrounded by forests, which limits any views, however, it lies amongst lovely nature and is free to enter. Once here, you’ll discover the expansive courtyard, bordered on both sides by high walls, and a keep on the north-west side of the ruins.

8. Pňovany Bridge

The Bridge that crosses the Mže River valley near Nový Dvůr is an impressive monument built by our country’s railway company. After expansive renovations made in 2019, the bridge is now hemmed by a footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists, which attractively connects both sides of the dam. The footbridge doesn’t follow directly along the railway tracks, instead it copies the curves of the bridge’s construction. For some, simply looking down from here could be an adrenaline-filled experience; that’s because the floor is made of thick steel grating. This is a truly interesting and photogenic location. Plus, it’s the third largest bridge in the Czech Republic.

9. Gloriet in Horšovský Týn

Although you’ll have to travel a bit farther to take this picture, we can promise you won’t regret it. The cylindrical observation tower and its three storeys stand atop the foundations of the former Gothic watchtower, and you can find it located in the large chateau park in Horšovský Týn. The tower, named Gloriet, offers a breathtaking view of the adjacent park and the city’s surroundings. There’s also a nice place to sit inside, and the local chateau is certainly worth a visit as well.

Tip on a few original Insta-spots in Pilsen:

If you don’t want to travel outside the city for a nice photo, then we’ve got two recommendations of Insta-spots that you’ve maybe never heard of. The first is located at Pilsen Zoo, where you’ll find an Asian garden next to the botanical gardens. To get the best pic, however, you’ll need to find the Japanese gazebo with its distinctly red roof. Trust us that no one will believe you when you say you didn’t have to leave Pilsen to take these photos. The second unique Insta-spot can be found in Pilsen’s Doubravka neighbourhood, not far from the bus stop of the same name. Here you’ll find the expansive and romantic Potoční park, which hides a number of places perfect for demanding photographers.

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