Trips by train 1 hour or less from Pilsen

Travelling by train has an unmistakable magic to it. Surely everyone enjoys the regular swaying and rhythm of a moving train. And if we then add other pluses like how comfortable they are, the option to ride with a pram, and cheaper travel with a discounted Pilsen Tourist ticket, taking a trip by train makes for a great idea. You can comfortably embark on a trip along the tracks from Pilsen to every corner of the world. Unsure where to go? Here are a few tips for trips by train that take 1 hour or less.

To Starý Plzenec, the Rotunda, and wine tastings

The train ride from Pilsen to Starý Plzenec takes 11 minutes, making it the ideal destination for an afternoon trip. You can easily make your way to this place’s dominant feature, the Romanesque Rotunda of St. Peter and Paul, from the train station on foot, which takes about 30 minutes (map). The rotunda belongs amongst the oldest, intact, church-related buildings of its kind still standing in the Czech Republic. When passing the main square, (map), follow the marked educational path to the rotunda. Here you’ll find a lovely view as well as from the lookout point Under the Rotunda, where you’ll see Radyně Castle standing on the opposite hill. If you’d like to stay in Starý Plzenec a little longer, reserve a tour in advance of the Bohemia Sekt winemaking factory, where you can even enjoy a wine tasting of our most widely known sparkling wine. Another option is to hike to the Radyně Castle ruins.

To Rokycany for the military vehicles

Rokycany is a well-known city on the demarcation line, which limited the territories operated by the American and Soviet armies towards the end of WWII. You can arrive here from Pilsen in 11 minutes either on the express or passenger train. Aside from the numerous city monuments here, you’ll find the largest non-state-owned military museum in the Czech Republic: Museum on the Demarcation Line. You’ll find primarily military vehicles here.

In Rokycany, you can also admire the local Town Hall, which is kept on the list of cultural monuments, the Most Holy Trinity Church, the Marian column, and the Art-Nouveau villa designed by builder B. Ryšavý. You can walk from the train station to the centre of Rokycany in 5 minutes, or to the museum in 25 minutes. Apart from the monuments, we recommend also enjoying the local pool and outdoor swimming centre in Rokycany.

To Chotěšov for a commentated tour of the abbey

You can plan a nice trip from Pilsen to the town of Chotěšov, only 20 km away. Passenger trains travel here every hour, taking 25 minutes. The monumental building of the nunnery from the 13th century is certainly worth visiting. Today, it stands amongst the most precious late Baroque buildings in the region. This is a particularly interesting abbey that survived many instances of total devastation.

Tours are held here as well as exhibitions and other cultural events. While on the tour, you’ll see a museum exposition on the abbey’s history, the church, the chapter hall, the fresco above the main staircase, the great hall, the current displays, and the fire-fighting museum. You may have even seen Chotěšov Abbey in many films, including 3 Seasons in Hell and Angel Face. You can walk to the abbey in about 8 minutes from the train station Chotěšov u Stoda (map).

To spend the entire day in Plasy

When visiting the little town of Plasy in northwest Bohemia, it’s best to leave in the morning to make time for everything it has to offer. You can travel to Plasy from Pilsen in 31 minutes on the express train, or in 41 minutes on the passenger train.

The greatest attraction here is the expansive Baroque monastery compound by architect Santini. One of its interesting features is that its foundations are built over water. More than 5,000 oak stakes were driven into the ground, upon which stand the foundations for the entire structure. The stakes were later flooded with water to keep air out of the wood. Today, the height, temperature, and quality of the water is checked four times a day because the monastery would likely collapse without it.

You can also visit a branch of the National Technical Museum, the Zoo park, and play adventure gold. And nothing should stop you from enjoying some of the craft beers from the local Knížecí Brewery Plasy during your trip.