Which Pilsen events can you look forward to in 2024?

Even in the new year, the Pilsen events calendar looks as interesting as ever. The schedule includes everything from traditionally loved events like the beer festivals and the Liberation celebrations, to intriguing events like The Year of Czech Music 2024 and the Sting concert at the local amphitheatre. We’ve prepared an overview for you of the TOP events in Pilsen that you definitely won’t want to miss. Whether you’re visiting Pilsen for its monuments, the brewery, or just for fun, there’s certainly something for you.

Pilsen is alive right from the start, especially at DEPO2015

The festival season may be off to a gradual start at the beginning of the year, but there are still many options to choose from during the winter months. The majority of planned events will be held at the popular creativity zone DEPO2015. On Feb. 3, you can wear your thematic costume to the festival of comics, board and PC games, and cosplay during CO.CON.
During the first weekend in March, you can attend the two-day festival of micro-breweries, Brūstok. The menu will include dozens of various beer types and the food that pairs best with them. Then, one week later (March 9), you can get excited for the year’s first edition of the beloved Depo Street Food Market. You can then enjoy the vast menu by worldwide street food masters again on May 5.

Pilsen bursts into full motion in spring

The second-to-last weekend in March sees thousands of visitors attending the most important cultural event of modern visual arts in the region: the BLIK BLIK Festival of Light. Artists from all over the world will display the best of contemporary digital creations right on the streets – laser mapping, video mapping, giant static projections, and interactive light expositions. This creates a truly unique sight for visitors to enjoy while strolling the city of Pilsen.

As per tradition, the tones of classical music can be heard in Pilsen throughout March and April during the Smetana Days Festival. Apart from concerts, the festival also offers exhibits and the premier of Neslyším ničeho, a biopic about Bedřich Smetana. This year during The Year of Czech Music 2024, the Czech Republic will commemorate many things, including the 200th anniversary of Smetana’s birth.

The final weekend in April offers a busy programme full of different events. From April 25-27, you can enjoy the celebrations of our Czech-Bavarian friendship at the Treffpunkt festival, again held at DEPO2015. Here you can expect both excellent beer in steins and Bavarian specialties like the beer cheese spread Obatzda and Weißwurst with a pretzel. And while you eat, diverse bands from the Czech Republic and Germany will play. Also that same weekend, the courtyard of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery will come alive with the gourmet Burger Street Festival, while the year’s first Pilsen Festival of Wine will be held in the historical city centre.

In the beginning of May, Pilsen will turn its thoughts to 1945 and commemorate the city’s liberation by the American army during the Liberation Festival with unique celebrations throughout the country. From May 3-6, the Liberation Festival will offer historic military camps with displays of the soldiers’ and civilians’ lives from those days, a convoy of historic military vehicles, and an accompanying programme for the entire family.

From May 18-19, you can enjoy the largest gastronomical event in the region during the Fresh Festival. And on May 31, another edition of the beloved metal music festival, Metalfest, will be held at the Lochotín Amphitheatre.

Summer promises a grandiose show

Summer in Pilsen will launch with a concert by Sting at the Pilsen Amphitheatre. You can look forward to a lively and dynamic show, during which he’ll play his biggest hits, on June 4. Next, you can check out the best Czech puppet and alternative theatre from June 12-16 at the International Festival of Puppet and Alternative Theatre Skupa’s Pilsen. Scenes will play out not only in theatre halls but also on the streets.

The end of June in Pilsen will be magnificent. Apart from the traditional Night of Opera, this year you can also look forward to another performance under the stars during the open-air musical Dracula. The J. K. Tyl Theatre will offer audiences this new and original production – for the first time outside of Prague – on June 25 at the Pilsen Amphitheatre. Then, only three days later on June 28, the amphitheatre will be filled again. The Night of Opera is preparing a spectacular rendition of Bedřich Smetana’s famous opera Libuše, which was written to commemorate the opening of the National Theatre.

In Pilsen, July and August belong to traditional events like Inspiral Garden, the Festival on the Street, and the popular festival of sports and movement, Sportmanie. Once again, this festival offers guests the option to try out different sports and really let out some steam. The summer holiday will then end with the festival of street performers during Pilsen Busking Fest.

In autumn, the beer will flow

With the arrival of autumn in Pilsen, the beloved brewery festival Sun in a Glass will be held once again, where you can enjoy some uncommon beer specialties from the Czech Republic and abroad. A few dozen breweries will offer their best beers in the cosy atmosphere of the Purkmistr Brewery in Pilsen’s Černice neighbourhood. Be sure to mark your calendars with this festival on Sept. 13-14. Next, the first weekend in October belongs to worldwide beer celebrations. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery will once again come alive with a rich musical show and entertainment. You won’t want to skip out on Pilsner Fest!

But, of course, this is far from the end of the events list. You can find current information about all events by visiting the Events in Pilsen tab on our website.

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