Which events in Pilsen do you not want to miss in 2023?

The new year has arrived, and it’s brought plenty of new experiences with it. Maybe you’re wondering where to go, what sort of places you should visit, and what might be worth seeing most. We can help you make the right choice with the following article about the top events in Pilsen that are worth visiting in 2023. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit some of Pilsen’s dominant features. Whether you’re touring the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, the largest synagogue in the country, or the unique interiors of world-renowned architect Adolf Loos, we guarantee that you’ll rank this culture-filled holiday as one of your favourites.

February: the festival of micro-breweries

Right during the second month of the new year, the festival of micro-breweries, Brewstock, will be waiting for you on 24 and 25 February, at the cultural zone DEPO2015. Beer and Pilsen go hand in hand, so it’s safe to say that the blood that flows through the organisers’ veins isn’t blue, like that of some noble types, but golden like the famous lager itself. At the festival, you’ll find dozens of flavours of beer while also enjoying some great food that pairs well with these beverages.

March: Smetana Days and the Festival of Light BLIK BLIK

March will see Pilsen full of culture. We’re already looking forward to Smetana Days, when the city will come to life with the tones of classical music from 2-6 March. This festival is held in honour of one of the most important Czech composers, Bedřich Smetana.

Then, towards the end of March, one of the region’s most recognisable cultural events of the contemporary visual arts will begin, the Festival of Light BLIK BLIK. Artists from all over the world will use the entire city as their canvas for displaying their digital creations: laser mapping, video mapping, giant static projections, and interactive light exhibits. This gives visitors to Pilsen a truly unique sight when strolling through town at night.

April: celebrating our Bohemian-Bavarian friendship

Come April, you can enjoy a weekend of Bohemian-Bavarian friendship at the Treffpunkt festival. You can indulge in fantastic beer served in steins as well as Bavarian specialties like the mixed beer cheese Obazda and Weißwurst with a pretzel all weekend long from 13-15 April. As for entertainment, various bands from both the Czech Republic and Germany will be playing music you can get up and dance to.

May: Liberation Festival and a festival of great food

At the beginning of May, Pilsen returns to the year 1945, where it commemorates the day the city was liberated by the American army, together with the actual war veterans and their families. The Liberation Festival is held from 5-8 May and offers a rich cultural programme including historical military camps with everyday examples of the soldiers’ and citizens’ lives from that period, a convoy of historical military vehicles, and other intriguing celebrations perfect for the whole family.

Next, the second-to-last weekend in May belongs to the enjoyment of delicious food. The largest gastronomical event in the region, Fresh Festival, will be held behind the Plaza shopping centre. During this two-day gourmet festival, you’ll get to try the best Czech and foreign cuisines, and you’ll also find no shortage of non-traditional ingredients and diverse specialties to enjoy.


June: a month of music

As per tradition, the start of June invites all fans of metal music to Pilsen. Heavy metal fans from all over the world attend Metalfest every year from 2-4 June at the Lochotín Amphitheatre. Recognised foreign bands, and even lesser-known, local groups, will take the stage at this event.

For everyone who enjoys multicoloured folk costumes, traditional music, and dance, the International Folklore Festival CIOFF is ready to delight from 7-11 June. This festival welcomes both Czech and foreign folklore ensembles to Pilsen every year. The shows are displayed in the historical city centre, with some of them even playing out in the picturesque villages and towns not far from the city.

And the final June music invitation is to the magnificent open-air gala, Night of Opera, which is held at the Lochotín Amphitheatre on 23 June. Here you can look forward to a dramatic performance of Bizet’s famous opera Carmen.

A summer full of festivals

The final weekend in June sees Pilsen brought to life with the rhythm of jazz, swing, and the spirit of New Orleans. The big celebration for fans of New Orleans jazz – the International Dixieland Festival Pilsen will take place on 29 and 30 July. Experience shows both on concert hall stages and in the streets. You’ll also run into processions of bands, musicians, and dancers, as they light the musical fuse in Pilsen’s city centre.

No matter what day you come in August, there’s a good chance you can attend one of the local cultural events. For instance, the 9-day Festival on the Street begins on 18 August, and it’s here that you can look forward to pleasant summer nights full of concerts, musicians, parties, and excellent beer and food.

September: Busking Fest and delicious beer

If you’re heading to this West-Bohemian metropolis at the start of September, then you’ll happen upon musicians, dancers, theatre actors, and other street performers from all over the world in the streets of the historical city centre during the ongoing Pilsen Busking Fest.

Then, by mid-September, beer will once again be our main focus at the brewery festival Sun in a Glass. Here you can taste-test uncommon beer specialties from the Czech Republic and abroad on 15 and 16 September in the cosy atmosphere of the Purkmistr Brewery courtyard, found in Pilsen’s Černice neighbourhood.

October: the holiday of beer – PilsnerFest

The beginning of October in Pilsen belongs to PilsnerFest. One year later, thousands of people will come together again to celebrate the first brew of this world-famous lager. Aside from good music and tasty food, you can attend on 6 and 7 October for the Pilsner Urquell beer as it flows from every local tap.

Advent in Pilsen

By December, the entire city is overcome with holiday spirit. At the lighting of the Christmas tree on Republic Square, the traditional Christmas market is opened, displaying examples of local crafts, the sale of homemade goods, various Christmas cookies, and household delicacies. You can also expect a rich cultural programme, during which talented musicians will play right on the city square. And many tourist attractions also prepare their own special Advent programmes even before the holidays even start.

There are nearly countless events to experience when visiting Pilsen. To ensure you don’t miss out, you’ll find the regular monthly overview of events.