Enjoy Pilsen like a local

Where to go in Pilsen when the weather’s not quite on your side

When the weather isn’t exactly what you’d like for outdoor activities, that’s the perfect time to visit the cinema, a museum, a gallery, or any one of the interesting architectural gems hidden in Pilsen. Check out our autumn guide, thanks to which you can still enjoy Pilsen, even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

The Pilsen Checklist: The TOP experiences to do before summer ends

When planning a trip to Pilsen, you’ll surely make a list of places and experiences you simply don’t want to miss. We can help you out with this; feel free to take inspiration from our checklist, where you’ll find tips for places and events that are worth visiting. Summer hasn’t ended yet.

9 of the most photographed places (instaspots) in Pilsen

… or where to go for the BEST Instagram photos.

Are you planning a trip to Pilsen and can’t wait to show off your enticing holiday photos to your friends and family? We have tips for you of places in Pilsen where you can take pictures to rake in one like after another. Just don’t forget to tag us! #visitpilsen #visitplzen

Getting to know Czech gastronomy

When exploring foreign regions, it’s almost your obligation to dive into the flavours and secrets of the local cuisine. When taking trips around the Czech Republic, you should try to discover Czech hospitality and traditional Czech food. When it comes to Czech cuisine, you can’t expect many light or healthy food options. This is why we’ll tell you right from the start: For better digestion, we recommend ordering at least one small Pilsner 12° with most Czech specialties. Vegetarians and vegans, however, will have a harder time with classic Czech food. Nevertheless, if you search hard enough, you can find some.

Use Pilsen as your home base for experiencing the Czech Republic

If you like beer, surely you’ve heard of the type of beer Pils or Pilsner. They’re named after the Czech city Pilsen, where bottom-fermented lager was first invented many years ago. This fourth-largest city located in West Bohemia, close to the German border, entices visitors not only for the tours of its world-renowned brewery but also thanks to its beautiful historical centre with the Gothic cathedral and one of the oldest synagogues on earth. And the city where four rivers meet has even more to offer. You can use Pilsen as your home base for exploring many of the corners of the Czech Republic. Where can you head off to from Pilsen?

Pilsen is an Ideal Destination for Children

If you’re looking to go on a family holiday and your plans must include fun and excitement, Pilsen is the perfect choice. It offers plenty of experiences comfortably accessible in one place. Plus, if after a few days, you start feeling like Pilsen is a little small, you can set out on interesting day trips into the city’s surrounding area. Where can you go with your small and still-growing young ones?

Tips for Trips by Foot

Going for a nice walk is always appreciated, especially when nature is located just a few steps from the city. That’s exactly the case in Pilsen, which is why we’re happy to help inspire you with a few relaxed walks through the city and beyond. Each overview will include a map with the path marked and a number of tips of where you can stop for lunch, find a drink to quench your thirst, or discover something interesting along the way.

7 TOP Exciting News from Pilsen in 2021

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, plenty of exciting news worthy of your attention took place in Pilsen throughout the year. As soon as circumstances allow, we’re excited for the opening of a new microbrewery, tons of new food establishments, expositions in the ZOO, as well as a new tourist information centre.

5 Reasons to Visit Pilsen This Year

Planning on taking some trips this summer? Then our tips will come in handy as you make your way to Pilsen – the world’s metropolis of beer and one of the Czech Republic’s most popular destination cities. Lovers of beer, architecture, culture, nature, as well as families with kids – we have something for everyone.

LOW COST Pilsen: Even at a small price…

… you can find some great music in Pilsen. And culture too! Do you want to take a trip to this West Bohemian metropolis, but you’ve got one pocket empty and the other feeling a little light? No worries. Even with little to no money in your pocket, you can visit Pilsen for the music, as well as a number of exhibits and other cultural experiences. So, where do you want to go first?

Autumn in Pilsen entices many to enjoy walks in nature

As the days gradually become shorter and the weather cloudy, these changes quite understandably mark the coming of autumn. That, however, does not mean it’s time to stay indoors. Rather we would recommend making good use of those last few warmer, sunny days and heading out for a walk through Pilsen’s nature. We have prepared several tips for you of places where the leaves have beautifully changed their colours, and you can enjoy the fresh air.

Where to Find and Taste Wine in Pilsen

While wine growers have their kingdom to the south in Moravia, Pilsen is the promised land for beer lovers. Few are aware, however, that, apart from the largest breweries in the country, one of the largest wine companies in the Czech Republic, Bohemia Sekt, calls Pilsen home. Even though Pilsen is the city of beer, and most people would prefer to go for a half-litre mug of Pilsner than a glass of wine, we understand that sometimes you just feel like enjoying the latter.