Enjoy Pilsen like a local

Where to go with children when the weather is nice

If you’re planning on going on holiday with your children during the summer months and your plans simply have to include fun and entertainment, then Pilsen is the ideal choice. That’s because this city is full of experiences for the whole family, all comfortably located in the same place. And if, after a few days, you start feeling like Pilsen is a bit small, you can also embark on interesting trips to the nearby surrounding area. So, where should you go with either smaller or larger children?

Tips on must-see events both before and during summer

Spring is already in full swing, and only a few weeks remain before the summer holiday begins. Take advantage of this opportunity and come to Pilsen, where not only numerous beer-related experiences are waiting for you but also beautiful architecture, delicious gastronomy, and, most importantly, countless intriguing events.

What Czechs do in the summer, some of which may even surprise you

Summer, or at least the summer holiday, starts in the Czech Republic at the end of the Ice Hockey World Championship, which is the most popular sport here in terms of cheering for the players. Once the national team finishes playing its final game, all reasons to stay inside end with it, and the time for grilling, delightful beer gardens, and every cultural event imaginable begins. What else can you expect from the locals if you’re planning on visiting the heart of Europe for your summer holiday? Whether it’s in Pilsen or Brno, on the mountains or by the water, Czechs know how to enjoy summer, so come and join them for a wonderful time.

Discover the lesser-known places in Pilsen that are worth checking out

In the historical centre of the city, you’ll find the majority of the most interesting tourist destinations that you definitely need to see during your visit to Pilsen. These include the city’s TOP 10 locations and simply can’t be missed. Pilsen, however, still has so much to offer, including novel places that lie just a bit off the beaten path while still being relatively close to the centre. In fact, many Pilsen natives don’t even know these places exist. So set off with us and take a detour from the main tourist path.

Where to go for wine #2

While wine growers may have their kingdom in South Moravia, Pilsen is the promised land for beer drinkers. They come to Pilsen for the Pilsner but also for the good food and wine. There only continues to be more and more places in Pilsen dedicated to wine and bubbly lovers, and they’re all great. What sort of places have you yet to visit, including those you wouldn’t even think to go to for wine?

A Couples Guide to Pilsen by Red White Adventures

With over 2000 castles, romantic spa towns, and beautiful architecture, there’s no denying that the Czech Republic is one of the most romantic countries in Europe. Out of the many romantic places you can visit, Pilsen has to be at the top of your list.  Not only is Pilsen a charming city with a beautiful town square, the Bolevec Ponds, and its many parks, but it is also a super fun location to check out with your partner.  In this post by Red White Adventures, you will find a 2-day itinerary for a couples getaway in Pilsen.

The tourist season in Pilsen comes with a wide array of experiences

The spring sun is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and with them the opening hours at historical sights and interesting places. The tourist destinations that were closed all winter also start coming to life every year in April. What sort of places in Pilsen can you visit now that winter’s passed?

A guide to Pilsen’s hotels, or where to stay in Pilsen

Do you like always being in the centre of the action, or would you prefer a peaceful place in nature? Do you travel alone, with the whole family, or with a dog?  Pilsen offers countless accommodation options. We’ve prepared for you a practical guide that will help you find the right place that’s perfect for you, and that’s whether you’re visiting during the high season or not.

Which season is the best for taking a trip to Pilsen? All of them!

All of the main tourist attractions, such as the world-famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery, the historical city centre with the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and the Renaissance-age City Hall, as well as the interiors by the celebrated architect Loos, are open all year round to visitors. Which season, however, is the best for visiting the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic? It’s hard to say, each offers something special, and even Pilsen’s locals can’t agree on a clear answer. The choice then is yours.

What can you look forward to in Pilsen in 2022?

Have you also made New Year’s resolutions and are you planning trips and holidays for the coming year? If so, we can offer you plenty of good reasons why you should add Pilsen, one of the most visited city destinations in the Czech Republic, to your list.  These plentiful reasons come in the shape of new events and activities that are getting ready for this year’s tourist season. Why shouldn’t you miss out on Pilsen this year? We’ve prepared for you three main highlights as well as a couple of other points, thanks to which the options for tourists visiting Pilsen just get more and more interesting.

What events should you get excited about in the first half of 2022?

Although Pilsen was the European Capital of Culture back in 2015, it remains a city that never sleeps and always has something exciting going on. All year long it offers an assorted range of cultural events. We’ve chosen a few of them in advance that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on in the first half of the year, and that’s whether you’re travelling alone or with the whole family. Pilsen will soon be offering extraordinary experiences, starting with cultural and music festivals, and continuing with gastronomical and beer celebrations.

Experience the true Christmas atmosphere in Pilsen

If Pilsen is simply irresistible during the year, whether that may be in spring with its blossoming parks or summer with its atmosphere of festivals and outdoor terrace bars and restaurants, the Christmas season is twice as powerful. With the first Advent Sunday, where the giant Christmas tree is lit on Republic Square, the city turns into a wonder of lights, radiating the festive atmosphere. While enjoying a walk through the historical city centre, you’ll be enchanted by the decorations in the streets and adjacent parks. Where and how can you have the best experience possible?