Enjoy Pilsen like a local

Large European cities crawling with tourists? No thanks. Rather a trip to Pilsen

If you’re the same as the majority of travel lovers during the pandemic, then you may have spent some time sadly looking over photos from your past travels with anguish. It’s safe to say, you put your travel boots back on as soon as you could. Paris, London, Venice, or Barcelona? Any chance you felt a little packed in those places? If you’re not a fan of crowds, you’re not willing to pay 100 euros for a room with twelve other guests, or you simply want to enjoy a Euro-weekend a bit differently, then give Pilsen a chance, you won’t regret it. So, what exactly can Pilsen offer?

Discover the lesser-known places in Pilsen that are worth checking out

In the historical centre of the city, you’ll find the majority of the most interesting tourist destinations that you definitely need to see during your visit to Pilsen. These include the city’s TOP 10 locations and simply can’t be missed. Pilsen, however, still has so much to offer, including novel places that lie just a bit off the beaten path while still being relatively close to the centre. In fact, many Pilsen natives don’t even know these places exist. So set off with us and take a detour from the main tourist path.

Which season is the best for taking a trip to Pilsen? All of them!

All of the main tourist attractions, such as the world-famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery, the historical city centre with the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, and the Renaissance-age City Hall, as well as the interiors by the celebrated architect Loos, are open all year round to visitors. Which season, however, is the best for visiting the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic? It’s hard to say, each offers something special, and even Pilsen’s locals can’t agree on a clear answer. The choice then is yours.

7 reasons to visit Pilsen in summer

Some people only need one good excuse to take a trip or go on holiday, while others take their planning very seriously, gathering as many reasons together as possible. No matter which group you fall into, we’d be happy to show you all the countless reasons why you’ll want to visit Pilsen.

Tips on laidback summer trips around Pilsen

Summer in Pilsen offers rich cultural activities, intriguing historical monuments, and even beer experiences typical of trips through the centre. But if you decide to stay longer, you’ll find an array of places around Pilsen that’ll scratch your itch of wanting to escape the bustling city and relax in nature. We’ve prepared a number of tips for you that prove the Pilsen Region has a little something of everything: romantic views over the local countryside, non-traditional lookout towers, swimming in untouched waters, and even a location with a high concentration of positive energy.


Enjoy a Pilsen summer full of experiences

When someone mentions “Pilsen”, most of us immediately think of beer. And that’s no surprise considering the world’s first bottom-fermented light beer was brewed right here at the Pilsner Urquell Brewery. Pilsen is worth visiting, whether for only a few hours or even a few days. If you’re here during the summer, you’ll not only enjoy delicious, chilled beer and the local tourist attractions but also loads of amazing open-air cultural events. Take your pick from the list of attractions this summer, or simply come and see for yourself that Pilsen has fun events and locations for absolutely everyone.

Good food can be found in Pilsen? Absolutely

One of the emptiest places on Czech gastro guru Lukáš Hejlík’s Gastromap is apparently the Pilsen Region, however, this certainly doesn’t apply to the West-Bohemian capital city. A whole array of interesting businesses have popped up in Pilsen over the past few years, including bistros, cafes, and restaurants serving Pilseners or beer from the local craft breweries. The farmers’ markets then offer a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, as do the regular street food markets at DEPO2015.

Tips on spring trips: Get out of the city

Slowly but surely, the days are getting longer, temperatures are remaining above zero (more or less), and we can see the sun in the sky a lot more than in January. After a cold winter, it’s no surprise we want to put this to good use and set off on a trip. Not sure where to go? We’ll help. We’ve prepared a few tips for you on interesting trips around Pilsen that the whole family can go on. Ruins, viewpoints, a mini zoo, and other interesting places you’ll enjoy.

Take a trip to places once closed during winter

With the new tourist season, the castles, chateaus, and more around Pilsen are opening their doors, options for other experiences are coming to life, and the opening hours for many tourist destinations are being extended. Where will you go for your first spring trip in Pilsen?

Which events in Pilsen do you not want to miss in 2023?

The new year has arrived, and it’s brought plenty of new experiences with it. Maybe you’re wondering where to go, what sort of places you should visit, and what might be worth seeing most. We can help you make the right choice with the following article about the top events in Pilsen that are worth visiting in 2023. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit some of Pilsen’s dominant features. Whether you’re touring the Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, the largest synagogue in the country, or the unique interiors of world-renowned architect Adolf Loos, we guarantee that you’ll rank this culture-filled holiday as one of your favourites.

Visiting Pilsen for a theatre experience

Without a doubt, Pilsen offers foreign visitors plenty of cultural experiences, and a theatrical performance on one of the three stages of the Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre surely ranks amongst the most extraordinary. The Neo-Renaissance building of the Great Theatre with its elegant interior can be found on the edge of Pilsen’s historical city centre. The modern New Theatre is the only newly erected theatre building in the Czech Republic since of 1989. All of the theatre’s stages put on both modern and traditional, worldwide performances for a wide spectrum of audiences. So, which show will you come to see in Pilsen this winter?

Holiday programme 23.12.2022 – 1.1.2023

The most magical time of the year is upon us, so you can probably guess what the programme will include. A week full of food, presents, visits, and fairy tales is waiting for us, all of which will then be topped off with lively New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you’d like to do more than just sit around at home, watching TV and stuffing yourself on potato salad and Christmas cookies, then we’ve got a few tips for you on places to visit in Pilsen during the holidays.