Enjoy Pilsen like a local

How to Be Eco-friendly in Pilsen

Without a doubt one of the hot topics of today is how we can sustain and maintain a healthy relationship with the environment. All of us are capable of travelling with respect toward nature and local cultures, it’s actually quite easy to do. Check out our tips of where to go for local, bio food, how to find ecologically-minded shopping areas that offer package-free products and where you can try the best fair-trade coffee. Take a trip to a slightly more ecologically minimalistic lifestyle and experience a greener side of the world. Pilsen definitely has something to offer in this department!

Five reasons to try hotel brunch, even though you’re not staying at the hotel

Eating at a hotel, even though you’re not actually staying the night there, may be considered a little unusual. Nevertheless, the experience is amazing. You can, for example, experiment with hotel brunch. Although, the meal might cost you more than your typical breakfast, anyone who’s ever tried it will tell you it’s more than worth it. And why’s that, you ask?

Beer Recipes and How To Eat Like a Pilsen Local

If you’re in Pilsen and would like to try some typical dish of the city, every Pilsen local will recommend the beer. Yet, the city’s Crimean sauerkraut is legendary. We also have several meals that sound like they might be local specialties, yet, in reality, they’re quite common food options. For instance, we have “vošouch” (potato pancakes) and “hluchec” (potato rolls). In addition, we have quite a few beer recipes for those looking to have a Pilsner Urquell with every meal.

A Small Guide to Draft Beer

Beer isn’t tapped. It’s drawn! “The brewmaster brews the beer, but the innkeeper makes it.” This wise, old saying indicates just how important it is in acquiring the final taste to draw the beer correctly. There are many styles of drawing beer and a talented barman only needs one evening to show you four various flavours, all drawn with the exact same type of beer.