Enjoy Pilsen like a local

Discover the magic of Christmas in Pilsen

As the year comes to an end, the warm atmosphere full of music, festivals, and café and restaurant terraces gives way to the time of winter caps, mulled wine, and holiday greetings. The streets of Pilsen turn into a magical place full of lights and Christmas decorations, and Republic Square transforms into an Advent market with the aroma of punch, cinnamon, and Christmas gingerbread treats filling the air.

Enjoy St Martin´s Roasted Goose and Wine in Pilsen

The St Martin´s Day is celebrated in the Czech Republic every year on November 11th. It is said that on this day St Martin comes riding on his white horse and on this day the winter begins. Unfortunately, this is not true anymore as in Pilsen there was no snow even at Christmas for several years now. Nevertheless, it takes nothing from the atmosphere of the late autumn. This is especially true when the St Martin´s goose is roasted and combined with a glass of St Martin´s wine. A number of restaurants in Pilsen offer St Martin´s menu in this time of the year. There is no need to drink wine only; the roasted goose is very well combined with Pilsen beer too.

Tips on newly opened gastro spots in Pilsen

Pleasant afternoons spent sitting in open-air terraces may now be in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy Pilsen’s gastro-scene to the fullest. We’ve compiled a few tips for you on new establishments in Pilsen, some of which were opened not long ago, while others have already been here a bit longer but may have gone unnoticed by you. So, what are you feeling? The choice is yours!

Visiting Pilsen for the Champions League?

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  • IT: A Pilsen per la Champions League. Come godersi un viaggio non solo per il calcio? Leggi tutto…
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  • DE: Nach Pilsen zur Champions League- wie man einen Ausflug nicht nur beim Fußball genießen kann. Weiter lesen…

Where to go in Pilsen for ice cream?

You’ll find loads of amazing restaurants, pubs, and cafes in Pilsen, as well as places to go for ice cream and homemade ice pops. We’ve chosen for you a few places that we enjoy and even some spots where you’ll run into something a bit different and less traditional. So, where exactly are they, and what should you order?

The Semler Residence by Adolf Loos is once again open to visitors

If you call yourself an architecture lover, then you most likely know the name of world-renowned architect Adolf Loos. As one of the founders of modern architecture, Adolf achieved fame primarily in Vienna. Nevertheless, in the time between the great wars, he created a collection of apartment interiors in Pilsen that has both survived to this day and been opened to visitors.

Events you shouldn’t miss before the year ends in Pilsen

Surely, none of us want to start thinking about the end of summer just yet, but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to! What sort of things can you experience in Pilsen before the end of the year? Accept the open invitation to the city’s rich cultural programme featuring the International Festival THEATRE. Also stop by one of the other DEPO Street Food Markets, because eating and drinking well are the foundation for a satisfying trip to Pilsen and beyond. As for news on beer- and wine-focused festivals, you’ll find more information in their own dedicated article.

Where to go with children when the weather is nice

If you’re planning on going on holiday with your children during the summer months and your plans simply have to include fun and entertainment, then Pilsen is the ideal choice. That’s because this city is full of experiences for the whole family, all comfortably located in the same place. And if, after a few days, you start feeling like Pilsen is a bit small, you can also embark on interesting trips to the nearby surrounding area. So, where should you go with either smaller or larger children?

Tips on must-see events both before and during summer

Spring is already in full swing, and only a few weeks remain before the summer holiday begins. Take advantage of this opportunity and come to Pilsen, where not only numerous beer-related experiences are waiting for you but also beautiful architecture, delicious gastronomy, and, most importantly, countless intriguing events.

What Czechs do in the summer, some of which may even surprise you

Summer, or at least the summer holiday, starts in the Czech Republic at the end of the Ice Hockey World Championship, which is the most popular sport here in terms of cheering for the players. Once the national team finishes playing its final game, all reasons to stay inside end with it, and the time for grilling, delightful beer gardens, and every cultural event imaginable begins. What else can you expect from the locals if you’re planning on visiting the heart of Europe for your summer holiday? Whether it’s in Pilsen or Brno, on the mountains or by the water, Czechs know how to enjoy summer, so come and join them for a wonderful time.

Where to go for wine #2

While wine growers may have their kingdom in South Moravia, Pilsen is the promised land for beer drinkers. They come to Pilsen for the Pilsner but also for the good food and wine. There only continues to be more and more places in Pilsen dedicated to wine and bubbly lovers, and they’re all great. What sort of places have you yet to visit, including those you wouldn’t even think to go to for wine?

A Couples Guide to Pilsen by Red White Adventures

With over 2000 castles, romantic spa towns, and beautiful architecture, there’s no denying that the Czech Republic is one of the most romantic countries in Europe. Out of the many romantic places you can visit, Pilsen has to be at the top of your list.  Not only is Pilsen a charming city with a beautiful town square, the Bolevec Ponds, and its many parks, but it is also a super fun location to check out with your partner.  In this post by Red White Adventures, you will find a 2-day itinerary for a couples getaway in Pilsen.