Good food can be found in Pilsen? Absolutely

One of the emptiest places on Czech gastro guru Lukáš Hejlík’s Gastromap is apparently the Pilsen Region, however, this certainly doesn’t apply to the West-Bohemian capital city. A whole array of interesting businesses have popped up in Pilsen over the past few years, including bistros, cafes, and restaurants serving Pilseners or beer from the local craft breweries. The farmers’ markets then offer a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, as do the regular street food markets at DEPO2015.

Admire Pilsen’s dominant feature from your table

Pilsen’s historical city centre is teeming with intriguing establishments. For instance, you can visit Frenchie for breakfast or brunch while enjoying a view of the cathedral. Or, you can visit the legendary café Walter for a pleasant place to sit with a view of the city’s green belt of gardens. This is also a great place for a weekend brunch (reserve your table in advance), and the local custard cakes and eggs benedict are famous. And a unique view over the city isn’t only offered by the gallery at the top of Pilsen tower but also the Central hotel’s rooftop terrace, which you can visit during the week for the incredible coffee, or at night for a tasty drink or an unexpected party on the roof.

Riegrova is alive with flavours… and music!

Only a few days ago, a pedestrian zone was created from Riegrova Street to Republic Square, all the way to the entrance of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, turning the seemingly normal street in the historical centre into a place of more than just great food and drinks. The street also comes alive with live performances every Friday and Saturday. During the entire summer season, buskers will share two temporary stages from Friday to Saturday, to make the weekend of every passer-by and local restaurant guest just that much more enjoyable.

The best Neapolitan pizza in the country and much more

When talking about the Da Pietro pizzeria, the locals say that the Neapolitan pizza is so good that it’s even worth making the trip all the way from Prague to Pilsen. Then, at bistro Štipec, quality seasonal and local ingredients create a concept of sustainable cuisine. Or, you can visit the Kolombina ice cream parlour for incredible, handmade ice cream desserts. But for the best draft Pilsner beer in the world, head over to Lékárna, Na Parkánu, Na Spilce, or U Salzmannů. And lastly, the local craft breweries like Raven and Zlatá kráva are here to complete any beer menu.

Regular street food festivals and farmers’ markets

The creativity zone DEP02015, which used to house parked buses and trolleybuses just a few years back, now holds the most diverse cultural events and festivals within its interesting backdrop of former transit garages. Multiple times a year, the DEPO Street Food Market is held in the courtyard and the former bus hall, offering a colourful menu of street specialties from all over the world.  And there’s always a high probability that one of Pilsen’s famous farmers’ markets is currently open. From March to December, you can visit the market every Saturday morning not only for its high-quality, regional foods but also for breakfast. The different offers here seem never-ending. The markets are held right on the city centre’s Republic Square, in the space between the City Hall and cathedral.