7 reasons to visit Pilsen in summer

Some people only need one good excuse to take a trip or go on holiday, while others take their planning very seriously, gathering as many reasons together as possible. No matter which group you fall into, we’d be happy to show you all the countless reasons why you’ll want to visit Pilsen.

1. Pilsen = beer

Pilsen and beer are practically inseparable, and that doesn’t only include drinking it. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery offers an interesting tour route and beer tasting in its historic cellars. The whole brewery itself is one of the most important cultural centres and it always has something going on during the summer. For instance, Thursdays belong to the Summer at Pilsner Urquell festival and its traditional concerts. Also, a number of intriguing microbreweries, including Raven and Purkmistr, call Pilsen home, or you could give one of the beer spas a try.

2. Iconic buildings in the historical city centre

Pilsen’s cathedral boasts the tallest church tower in the country, while the local Great Synagogue is the fifth largest in the world. Both structures recently saw complete renovations, making a visit to either a truly new experience. You’ll see loads of beautiful, traditional homes when walking through the historical city centre as well as plenty of pleasant businesses. Allow yourself to be tempted to stop for a visit, we’d highly recommend it.

3. Tours of interiors designed by a world-famous architect

If you’re a fan of architecture and design, then you’re sure to enjoy the commentated tours of the Loos Interiors. The world-renowned architect designed several flats for his clients in Pilsen. Four of them are open to visitors, with regular commentated tours every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You’ll be enchanted by the apartments’ design, the use of luxurious, natural materials, the distinct colours, and also their practicality. And their stories are just as interesting, as they describe the fates of the original owners, whose lives were tragically impacted by WWII.

4. High concentration of children’s attractions

In Pilsen, everything’s close by. You can get to most places either on foot or via the easy-to-use public transit. Simply purchase your ticket via card when already onboard. If you’re travelling with children, Pilsen will surely surprise you with its wide array of experiences specifically for them. It’s here you’ll find one of the most visited zoos in the country, the nearby DinoPark, Puppet Museum, the Museum of Ghosts and Fairy Tales, and the Techmania Science Center, located on the grounds of the former Škoda factory.

5. Summer events programme

There’s always something going on in Pilsen during the summer. Even if you aren’t planning on visiting during one of the larger festivals like a Night of Opera, Sportmania, Festival on the Street, or the Pilsen Busking Fest, Pilsen will still have something just for you. And that’s whether it’s a concert in the streets of the historical city centre, events on any of Pilsen’s riverbanks, or the regularly-held Saturday farmers’ market, where you can even enjoy a lovely breakfast.

6. Local gastro restaurants

Over the past few years, the overall level of the local gastroscene has risen considerably. You’ll find loads of places here where you can really eat well. If you ask the locals, the restaurants with freshly drafted beer (of course) are leading the pack. You can’t go wrong with any one of these proven establishments. But if you’re not interested in beer, the vast offer of brunch options at the local cafes and interesting concepts of places to go for wine will treat you right. In no particular order, we recommend Prosekárna, the newly-opened Cavino, and Na břehu Rhôny, where you can serve yourself from the coolers of local wines.

7. Bolevec Ponds

The collection of Bolevec Ponds is a beloved recreational park that you can get too from Pilsen’s city centre in only 15 minutes via tram or trolleybus. The locals have an affinity for the so-called “Kameňák” pond, but there’s also the most notable “Bolevák”. This pond is unique in the Czech Republic because it recently suffered with low water levels before the city found an effective solution, treating us to a truly relaxing place to swim this summer.

Around the ponds you’ll find children’s playgrounds, pleasant eateries, and multiple trails meant for walking and bikes. One such trail is the 5.5-kilometre-long Spejbl and Hurvínek recreational path. You’ll also find a route accessible by pram and wheelchair.